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Necklaces and Jewelry

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I make some jewelry and if you desire something special to be made, I
can usually obtain the materials you want, or I can just as easily work with
yours. I have in-stock both antique and modern sand cast beads, shell, semi-
precious stones, hair pipe, and more, or I can work with your materials

4-Strand Eagle Claw Necklace

This beautiful 4-strand necklace is made from pipestone, turquoise, hairpipe and silver beads. The spacers are carved from fossil ivory, and the pendant is shaped from an ancient piece of pottery found on the Chesapeake Bay. Painted with burned red clay to represent the famed Hopewell Eagle Claw (the original is made from a single sheet of mica 11 inches long). This piece will make either an excellent necklace, or its ends may be sewn into the shoulder-seams of a favorite garment, to create a most stunning dress or shirt

I can create something like this for you, too!

This attractive necklace is strung with oval cabs and discs of turquoise interspaced with genuine amber and sand-cast trade beads, and displays a polished and resin-glossed slipper shell as its center-piece. I personally love combining turquoise and amber in my work--You'll love how it feels against your skin.