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Traditional Southeastern/Mid-Atlantic-style Pottery

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MBR is now offering pottery based upon archaeological specimens from the mid-Atlantic region of the eastern US. These all now reside at the First Landing State Park's museum or are used in activities and exhibits within the park grounds
I have manufactured paddles for maliation of the clay, exhibiting the patterns and designs found on actual examples. I am hopeful of adding complicated stamped patterns reflecting a number of southeastern and mid-Atlantic cultures, cord- and net-marked styles as well as plain surfaced examples.

I intend these vesels to be usable for meal preparations, including cooking of foods to or above boiling point. Care and caution MUST be used when working with clay vessel-cooking. The bottoms of these vessels are rounded to conoid in shape to be most effective in distribution of heat from the fires' coals. Heat must be built up gradually ALL AROUND the pot, until cooking temperatures are reached. A prolonged cooling period is also advised, to prevent undo or sudden and uneven cooling. (We do not offer any warranty at this time, as we have no control over conditions of the vessels' use)

We are currently using commercial potters clay, some of which is tinted with natural earth pigments to give some color-variations to the pottery.

In the future we hope to include pottery wares made from local clays, tempered with shell, crushed quartz, fine gravel and other traditional tempering materials. For now, however, we are limiting our production to the use of commercial clays.


Southern 4-Winds Complicated Stamped Pottery
--In this style and size (approx.) 6" deep x 8" wide at rim

Townsend Cord-marked Pottery

4" deep x 10" across the rim. In this style and size (approx.)

Roanoke Simple Stamped Pottery

8 1/2" deep by 8" across the rim. In this style (fingernail pinched rim, punctate design) and size (approx.)


This assemblage of pottery vessels represents my latest efforts.
Individual pieces are described and shown below:

Lg Townsend Cord-Marked Pottery Vessel
8 3/4" deep x 8 1/4"across the rim. In this style and size (approx.)

Southern 4-Winds Complicated Stamped Pottery
In this style and size (approx.) 6 1/2" deep x 7 1/4" across the rim

Sm Townsend Cord-Marked Pottery
In this style and size (approx.) 7" deep x 6" across the rim

In this style and size (approx.) 6 1/2" deep x 8" across the rim

The Small vessels shown are also available in various sizes--those shown, clockwise from top-left, are
Generic everted-Lip Vessel, approx 3" deep x 4 1/4" across the rim
Roanoak Simple Stamped, unadorned, 3 1/4" deep x 5" across the rim
Utility 'cup', conoid bottom, 3" deep x 3" across the rim.

Flat-bottom vessels are available upon special order until we master their manufacture.

We are always seeking more information on pottery and patterns, forms and wares of the mid-Atlantic coastal plain and interior regions.

We are happy to work from your specifications or our own researches--please let us know what you'd like.