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Carved Gourds

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I carve gourds, and sometimes do so with flint hand-tools. Simple to wield and easy to resharpen, carving a gourd with a piece of SHARP flint deserves to be a considered and contemplative affair, and is not to be rushed...

I can replicate your basic and complicated patterns, transferring them in good order to your gourd-bottle or vessel--Just Ask!
Epoxy Sealer can be used to seal the interior surfaces, assuring a lasting and cleansable vessel for repeated long-term use...
Gourds were carved with flint flakes by the American Indian to create water-bottles, bowls, paint-pots,
ladles, spoons, storage containers for dry-goods and drinking cups--as well as pleasant-sounding rattles.

An important resource for the Indians, early colonists could not have helped but to see
their usefulness. Food preparation and service are made easier by their use, and when sealed
with natural resins or rendered animal fats, they become long-lasting and durable containers.

A cornmeal storage container and medicine drinking cup

The carved gourd(above right) is intended as a cornmeal storage container. Combined with rawhide
to enlarge the capacity beyond what a gourd itself could hold, and has a fitted cover made from
the top of another gourd

The drinking cup next to it is ornamented with a Mississippian Culture Four-winds/Sun symbol,
engraved and blocked in black pigment

A variety of gourd utensils In this group of carved gourds are three bowls(left top and bottom, and bottom right) of
various sizes, a mixing bowl with pour-spout(upper right), a ladle and spoon(bottom center).
Powhatan Indian spoons were quite large when compared to those used by the English--it was felt
the English exhausted themselves lifting such little spoons to their mouths so often just to eat.

These items above are now in the First Landing State Park's museum in Virginia Beach, VA

Sleep-medicine Gourd

This unique gourd is part of my own kit, and is decorated with 8 bear-claws around the cap,
which is itself made from the central portion of a lid from a ceramic shaving-powder lid,
probably dating to the mid-1700's, and was found in a load of fill-dirt in Williamsburg, VA.

The gourd contains a mixture of relaxing and soothing herbs combined to calm one's
nervous system and promote sound sleep--a hibernation-blend of herbs. The lid is held by thongs.

Let me create something unique for you--You DO deserve IT!

Write me!

I do not sell bear-parts under ANY circumstances--if you desire something made from non-salable materials in
your own possession, I require that you provide a statement and photograph/s of the items attesting
to your ownership and disavowing any sale or exchange of money between us.