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Stone Knives and other Hafted Cutting/Scraping Implements

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MBR offers a selection of custom-made stone bladed knives, each painstakingly hand-crafted to the highest standards of quality, and adorned with ancient symbols of power.

Ancient iconographic designs evoked those spirits of various aspects of the living world to hover close, offering guidance, protection and strength to their owners.

While knowledge of a multitude of western tribal iconography exists for artisans to apply to their tools and possessions, eastern mid-Atlantic iconographic symbolism and patterns of power are less well-known, in large part due to the swift and socially destructive thrusts of colonial expansion across native lands. Drawn from numerous sources researched in detail, the designs found on my knives evoke the voices long quiet spirits.

MBR is happy to apply your own totemic patterns of power to the works we create for you--just show me the designs or patterns you wish to have engraved, or suggest a theme we can develop something from so that your knife will hold the true meaning you seek.

This exceptional knife was first conceived in 1977 as walking staff. By 1990 I had cut the staff from the portion shown here, and hafted a chert blade to it. Carved to depict a rattle snake with 7 rattles, it's head coated in burned red clay and parakette feathers adorning it's neck, this knife has accompanied me to many pow wows over the following years.

I can carve virtually any style handle for your knife, and I have a number of choice blades suited to creating a ceremonial knife for your needs. Let me know what your desires are, and I will make it come true.

The specimen at top is made with a pristine and undamaged 5,000 year old Pickwick blade that is heavily notched all the way 'round it's cutting edges. The deep relief carving represents a stylized bird of prey; the reverse is carved similarly with tribal symbols of the Powhatan Confederacy--offered for $250, and crafted with exceptional care and attention to detail (as are all my knives!)

The knife at bottom is already sold

The upper knife is made on a weathered antler handle hafted to a heavy obsidian blade, and is adorned with a Mississippian-styled skull symbol at the butt-end, heavy and comfortable in the hand, this knife is a real beauty!

The lower specimen is further depicted below, with a sheath--an exceptional veterans' honor knife if there ever was one!

These two southwestern-styled knives are adorned with regional symbols of spiders (both, one on the reverse side), scroll and stepped-fret motifs. The upper knife is small in size and best suited as a woman's or young ladies' patch-knife.

The lower knife exhibits a sweet curvature of the handle and blade, and displays a beautiful cab of turquoise mounted at the butt-end.

The knife at top is further depicted above with the accompanying sheath, made from mink. Styled to represent a sea skate, the slender, sinuously curved handle is a delight to hold. One of my favorite creations!

The knife shown at bottom is well-proportioned for it's large size, and displays the jasper blade quite well. A corn-motif adorns the reverse side, while a moon-turtle and water symbols are featured on the side shown.

The knife shown at top is one of my personal knives, and is designed and sheathed to be worn around the neck. Uniquely conceived to represent a rattle snake, the two forking tines of the antler were cut at such angles to give the appearance of a snakes' head while the obsidian blade is notched after the fashion of a rattle snake's rattle. The sheath for this knife is shown at right. Not for Sale!

The specimen at bottom is similarly made, and is hafted with a white novaculite blade. Unique and unusual, this handle-style is of my own conception--you may never see another like it and made so well. The lines of the snake-head are highly polished and present a somewhat malevolent appearance.

The knife shown here is a particular favorite of mine--the handle is hafted to a Dalton-style blade in magnificently swirled red jasper, and the handle itself displays a bison-mask and lightening bolt, while the opposite side is rendered to show bison stampeded over a jump--note the tumbling bison at the downward turn of the handle--this piece comes with the sheath shown next to it in the photo at top of this page (far right)

The knife shown here was gifted by myself to a veteran just before his departure to Iraq, and makes an excellent hunting-skinning knife. My friend has just returned from Iraq last month, so my prayers for his safrty have been answered. This is a typical mediun-sized knife with a blade set to be most useful in cleaning and skinning game. I am happy to produce similar blades for those desiring something practical and attractively styled--call or write to discuss your needs and pricing

This sturdy hunting and skinning knife has boldly serrated edges and is hafted to an antler handle that feels right at home in one's hand. A pony bead of turquoise is set inside a sun-symbol filled with burned red clay. As with all my knives, the hafting is solid and tightly wrapped in artificial sinew--an old favorite and one of my first pieces.

The exquisite crystal bladed knives shown above are made from matched core-struck blades of natural quartz crystal. Made as a wedding or couples' set, the unique 'sheath' is made to stand upon an alter rather than to be worn at one's side. Adorned with two-headed eagles, lightening bolts and spirals, each knife depicts these motifs in opposite directions and colors from its mate. Only when the knives are laid together with handles' arches opposed do the symbols appear as reflections of one another--much as two lovers embraced. The handles are of matched mule deer antler, and the sheath-case is made from moose, elk and deer hide, with sandcast trrade beads adorning it. The sheath is made to stand upright upon one's alter or sacred niche.

This incredible Veterans' Honor knife is made from fused art-glass in the style of Old Glory herself. Translucent and sparkling in the sunlight, this is perhaps the most beautiful knife I have made to date. The sheath is made from elk hide with unbroken tanned moose hide inside to protect the blade from damage. This knife and sheath were made with the intentions of adorning it with the future buyers' choice of service representations. The sheath is adorned with a flag-styled bear paw with drops of blood representing one's service to our great nation. This is one special knife and should go to one special soldier or sailor, marine or airman. Further service-related adornment is free of charge so that the veteran receiving this should know he is honored here.