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Mark Patraw's
Toy Review Index

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Century Toys
  • Modern U.S. Machine Gun Set Series III

  • becker&mayer!
  • Dinosaur Building Kit

  • Best-Lock
    Construction Toys
  • Earth Defense Forces (E.D.F.) Construction Set

  • Creative Kids, Ltd.
  • My Blox Fire Truck Construction Set

  • Greenbrier International
  • Glow Bones Dinosaur 3D Puzzle (Stegosaurus & Parasaurolophus)

  • Motorized Constructacar 3D Puzzle Vehicle

  • Paper Doll Dress-Up Kit

  • Happy Kid
    Toy Group
  • M.A.R.S. Creation 7-Pack

  • Hasbro
  • G.I.JOE Sigma 6: Iron Grenadier

  • G.I.JOE Sigma 6: SKY B.A.T.

  • G.I.JOE Spy Troops: Cobra Commander (w/DVD)

  • G.I.JOE Valor VS Venom: Hi-Tech & Doctor Mindbender 2-Pack

  • G.I.JOE Valor VS Venom: Tele-Viper

  • Marvel Legends Annihilus Series: Hercules

  • Marvel Legends Annihilus Series: Planet Hulk

  • Star Wars Unleashed: Boba Fett (Target exclusive)

  • Transformers ROTF Deluxe Class: Skids

  • Transformers ROTF Robot Heroes Series 2: Bumblebee & Long Haul

  • Transformers ROTF Robot Heroes Series 2: Optimus Prime & Blackout

  • Joseph
  • Chia Cat Grass Planter

  • Lanard
  • Simon "Plague" Crill

  • M & C Toy
  • Power Team Elite Firearms Comparison

  • SWAT: Breacher

  • SWAT: Sniper

  • World Peacekeepers: Combat Engineer

  • World Peacekeepers: Kawasaki KLR650 (w/figure)

  • World Peacekeepers: M.O.U.T.

  • World Peacekeepers: Military Kayak (w/figure)

  • World Peacekeepers: Military Special Force

  • Mattel
  • The Dark Knight Rises Batman

  • MegaMan NT Warrior: Advance P.E.T. (ProtoMan Version)

  • Monster High: Create-A-Monster Werewolf & Dragon Starter Pack

  • My Scene Goes Hollywood Barbie doll

  • McFarlane Toys
  • McFarlane's Dragons: Water Dragon Clan 3

  • McFarlane's Dragons: Water Dragon Clan 4

  • Polyfect Toys
  • Natural World (ocean animals)

  • Toy Biz
    Marvel Toys
  • Amazing Spider-Man: 12" rotocast Daredevil

  • Hulk (Movie): David Banner

  • Legendary Comic Book Heroes Monkeyman Series: Judge Death

  • Toy Talk
    Brief write-ups and photos of secondhand toy assortments.

    Volume I (8/12/13)
    Liv Alexis, Star Wars: X-Wing Rogue Squadron Nrin Vakil, Spider-man Dr. Octopus, G.I.JOE D.E.F. Mutt, and an Ertl Sportsman

    Volume II (8/19/13)
    WWE Rey Mysterio Jr., Super Returns Superman, Scholastic Skulls!, Snow White Doc, and TMNT Foot Soldier

    Volume III (8/26/13)
    WWF Batista, Power Rangers Super Samurai Red Ranger, Russ Berrie Stego, Snow White Happy & Grumpy, and Monsters, Inc. Sully

    Volume IV (9/3/13)
    Big Boots Police Officer, WWE Power Slammers Brodus Clay, Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers Stag Beetle, Skeleton Warriors Dagger, and Lion King Pumbaa

    Volume V (9/9/13)
    Moxie Teenz Arizona, Toy Box Creations Mushroom, Liv Katie, Transformers Barricade, and Van Helsing Dracula

    Volume VI (9/16/13)
    Strawberry Shortcake Plum Puddings, Bears, G.I.JOE Sigma 6 Sea Ops Duke, TMNT Cheapskate, and Liv Alexis Styling Head

    Volume VII (9/23/13)
    Liv Haydens, Littlest Pet Shop Persian Cat Pencil Topper and Scooter Blythe, TMNT Shredder, Barbie in a Mermaid Tale Xylie the Mermaid, and Beanie Babie Mac

    Volume VIII (9/30/13)
    Deer, LEGO Friends Stephanie, My Little Pony Sunny Scent Thistle Whistle, Schleich Golden Retriever Puppy, and McDonald's Halloween Birdie Candy Dispenser

    Volume IX (10/7/13)
    Mario, Littlest Pet Shop Playfully Plaid Blythes, Barbie: A Fairy Secret Raquelle/Fairy Bride/Fairy Barbie, The Hunchback of Notre Dame Laverne, and Green Lantern Grapplin' Kilowog

    Volume X (10/14/13)
    Ruin 1, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Twilight Sparkle, Wooly Willy, Polly Pocket Lila, and Spider-man 3 Sandman

    Volume XI (10/21/13)
    Irish Setter, Green Lantern Spinning Construct Hal Jordan, Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge Bolcanon, My Little Pony Sparkleworks & Minty, and DC Super Friends Little People Wheelies Batman

    Volume XII (10/28/13)
    G.I.JOE Sigma 6 Dark Ninja Master, My Little Pony Pinkie Pie, Liv Daniela, DC Super Friends Imaginext Batman, and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Bumblebee

    Volume XIII (11/4/13)
    Blooming Thumbelina Barbie, Mickey Mouse, G.I.JOE Sigma 6 Kamakura, Pokemon Emboar, and Dragon Booster Parmon/Cyrano

    Volume XIV (11/11/13)
    Marvel Super Hero Adventures Wolverine, Strawberry Shortcake Crepes Suzette & Angel Cake, Transformers: Bot Shots Jetfire, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Rainbow Dash, and Marmaduke Darting Lightning

    Volume XV (11/18/13)
    Web Battlers Whip Attack Spider-man, Kooshkin-style Tiger, Toy Story Jesse, Despicable Me 2 Evil Minion Noisemaker, and Justice League Unlimited Superman

    Volume XVI (11/25/13)
    Marvel Heroes Hulk, Beauty and the Beast Belle, Star Wars: Jedi Force Darth Vader, Pokemon Attack Forme Deoxys, and Polly Pocket Rick

    Volume XVII (12/2/13)
    Little People Robert the Construction Worker, BFC Ink Addison, The Corps Zack "Roadrash" Collins, TMNT Power Sound FX Raphael, and Looney Tunes Daffy Duck

    Volume XVIII (12/9/13)
    G.I.JOE: Sigma 6 Tunnel Rat, Yummi Land Girl, Hulk: The Motion Picture Punching Hulk, Hardee's Shrek 2 Ornament, and Zoobles! Jumper

    Volume XIX (12/16/13)
    Transformers Optimus Prime keychain, Flippin' Frogs game, Hexbug Beetle Orange & Speed Beetle Green, Real Ghostbusters Screaming Heroes Egon Spengler, and Littlest Pet Shop Russell Ferguson

    Volume XX (12/23/13)
    Hop E.B. in Backpack, Monsuno Backslash, Domed Floral Diorama, Spongebob Squarepants Patty Wagon, and Bratz Big Babyz Kool Kat

    Volume XXI (12/30/13)
    Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked Eleanors, G.I.JOE Rice Krispies Lifeline, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Crystal Empire Pinkie Pie, Nintendo Wii Metroid: Prime Mazes, and Eyeclops Sadball

    Volume XXII (1/6/14)
    Star Wars Snaggletooth, Batman: Power Attack "Killer Croc Takedown" Superman, Build-A-Bear Workshop Peace and Sweetheart Bear, Astro Boy Flying Astro Boy, and Toy Story 2 Little Bo Peep

    Volume XXIII (1/13/14)
    Liv in Wonderland White Queen Daniela, Polly Pocket: Disney Princess Cinderella & Ariel, Spongebob Squarepants Patrick Starfish Watch, ThunderCats Mummy Mumm-ra, and Fijit Friends: Shimmies Peera, Sambrella, & Peyla x2

    Volume XXIV (1/20/14)
    Tangled Rapunzel Cake Topper; Moshi Monsters Gracie, Luvli, Iggy, & Katsuma; How to Train Your Dragon Night Fury; Barbie in the Pink Shoes Rose Compact; and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Hubcap

    Volume XXV (1/27/14)
    Hulk: The Motion Picture 13" Rotocast Hulk; Zoobles! Tundra & Freckles; Furby Boom! Wild Hair Furby; G.I.JOE Sigma Six: Mission Series Snake-Eyes; Liv Katie, Daniela Styling Head, & Sophie

    Volume XXVI (2/3/14)
    Karate Spongebob Squarepants; Finger Bandz Treats Ring Bandz; Paper Jamz Rock Guitar; Magnetic Paper Doll; and Oriental Trading Company Snowman Plush

    Volume XXVII (2/10/14)
    The Book of Pooh Kessie; Barbie Target-exclusive Easter Chelsea; Homies Mr. Pit & Chato; Transformers Firecon Cindersaur; and Bakugan: Battle Brawlers Deluxe Reaper

    Volume XXVIII (2/17/14)
    KooKoo Birds Humongous-billed Caterwauling Who-zee-what; Avatar Etyukan; Marvel Universe: Handful of Heroes War Machine; Ty Beanie Babies McNuggets, Valentina, & Britannia; and Crazy Eights Cards

    Volume XXIX (2/24/14)
    American Idol Hippie Harmony; Toy Story Buzz Lightyear; Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith Anakin Skywalker; Puss in Boots Baby Puss in Boots; and W.I.T.C.H. Taranee & Will

    Volume XXX (3/3/14)
    Liv Sophie, Daniela, & Hayden; Bratz: Hot Summer Dayz Jade; S.L.U.G. Zombies The Deadlifter; Cabbage Patch Kids Kimberly Katherine & Blonde Ice Cream Cone Girl; and Transformers: Hunt for the Decepticons Fireburst Optimus Prime

    Volume XXXI (3/10/14)
    Yu-Gi-Oh! Exodia the Forbidden One; Pinypon Redhead; Monsters, Inc. Celia Mae; Power Rangers Operation Overdrive, Samurai, & RPM Red Rangers; and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Pinkie Pie

    Volume XXXII (3/17/14)
    Masters of the Universe Skeletor; Red Parakeets; The Little Mermaid Ariel; Littlest Pet Shop Minka Mark & Sunil Nevla; and Totally Toy Holiday Mighty Max '93 & '95

    Volume XXXIII (3/24/14)
    DC Universe: Action League Saint Walker; Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus Rayla; Ben 10: Alien Force DNAlien & Echo Echo; Hop Coin Purse; and Animal Pals Gorilla

    Volume XXXIV (3/31/14)
    Legion of Super-Heroes Mano; Superhero Squad Spider-man 3 Sandman; Transformers: Generations Drivetrain; WildC.A.T.s Zealot Kherubim Warrior; and Teenie Beanie Boppers Paula Plapperstache

    Volume XXXV (4/7/14)
    Marvel Incredible Hulk; Blue Police Officer; Seymour Mann Motorized Musical Jester; Madame Alexander The Wizard of Oz Wicked Witch of the West; and iCarly Customizable Dog

    Volume XXXVI (4/14/14)
    Pinkalicious Ring Comb Pinkalicious; Burger King Kids Club: Planet Patrol Space Commander Jaws; Time For Us: Candy Land; Imaginext: Dinosaurs Caveman; and Puffkins Violet the Bear

    Volume XXXVII (4/21/14)
    Blue Peeps Plush; Marvel Mini Captain America; Bag of Dolls' Clothes; Face-changing Easter Rabbit; and A Bug's Life Princess Atta

    Volume XXXVIII (4/28/14)
    Barbie Rose Bride; Teletubbies Laa-Laa; Transformers: Prime Breakdown; Furbies Boom! Googly & Playful Eyes Furbies; and Pokemon: Black/White Zoroark & Zekrom

    Volume XXXIX (5/5/14)
    Strawberry Shortcake Lemon Meringues; Bakugan Character Pack Altair; PotC: On Stranger Tides Captain Jack Sparrow; Imperial Rubber Frog, Lizard, & Alligator; and Uneeda Doll Company Blonde Baby

    Volume XL (5/12/14)
    Loving Family "Classic" Doll House; Spider-man Magnetic Wall Base; Spongebob Squarepants Discus Spongebob; Monster House "House Tricks" Marble Maze; and Hexbug Blue Scarab

    Volume XLI (5/19/14)
    G.I.JOE: 25th Anniversary Tripwire; Groovy Girls Oki; Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: Evil Space Aliens Grumble Bee; Sectaurs Battle Beetle; and Marin Chiclana Spanish Castanets Dancer

    Volume XLII (5/23/14)
    Mage Knight Feral Bloodsucker; Justice League Post Superman; Wee 3 Friends Stacie; The Tigger Movie Eeyore; and Hello Kitty Bubblegum Tin, Watch, Loves Music, & Loves Baking

    Volume XLIII (6/2/14)
    Build-a-Bear Workshop Sweet Gingerbread Girl & Colorful Gumdrop Bear; Star Wars: The Phantom Menace Pod Racer Anakin Skywalker; My Pretty Dollhouse Wishing Well Castle; Transformers: Beast Machines Optimus Primal; and TMNT Splinter

    Volume XLIV (6/9/14)
    Shrek: The Third Baby Ogre Girl; Liv: School's Out Sophie; The Hunchback of Notre Dame Quasimodo; Super Naturals Eagle Eye; and Transformers: Generations Backstop

    Volume XLV (8/11/14)
    Michaels Papier Mache Darling Divas Torso; Pokemon Glaceon; Skeleflex Triceratops; Transformers: Robot Heroes Movie Brawl & Beast Wars Megatron; and My Little Pony Bumblesweet

    Volume XLVI (8/18/14)
    Lalaloopsy Mittens' Polar Bear; Star Wars Anakin Skywalker in Peasant Disguise; Indiana Jones Rene Belloq; G.I.JOE: Star Brigade Lobotomaxx; and Zoobles! Razoo's Treehouse Happitat Playset & Figure

    Volume XLVII (8/25/14)
    Great Stuff: 100 Fun Projects for Kids; Benjamin Franklin; Novi Stars Mae Tallick; Batman Forever The Riddler; and The Simpsons Plush Marge Simpson

    Volume XLVIII (9/2/14)
    My Little Pony: Ponyville Ferris Wheel; Moxie Girlz Avery; G.I.JOE: 30th Anniversary Iron Grenadier; Furby Boom! Laughing, Light Up Eyes, & Wobbling Furbies; and Star Wars: The Phantom Menace Darth Sidious

    Volume XLIX (10/13/14)
    Disney Princess Sliding Tile Puzzle; Monster High Nightmare; Hot Wheels: Go For It! Bad Mudder; Diva Starz Tia; and Star Wars: Clone Wars Savage Opress

    Volume L (10/28/14)
    Beauty and the Beast Polly Pocket Belle; Littlest Pet Shop: Teensies Farm & Safari Sets; La Dee Da: Runway Vacay Bollywood Bright Dee; Moshi Monsters Jeepers Plush; and Star Trek Starfleet Command Beam-up Badge

    Volume LI (12/1/14)
    Teletubbies Noo-Noo; Disney Fairies Tinker Bell; Transformers: Beast Machines Cheetor; Small Soldiers Major Chip Hazard; and Fabric-and-Wire Butterfly

    Volume LII (12/11/14)
    The Wuzzles Butterbear; Definitely Dinosaurs! Brin & Romur; My Little Pony G3.5 Twice as Fancy Rainbow Dash & Scootaloo + Standard Rainbow Dash; Children's Garden of Critters Black & White Kitten; and Spider-man Marvel Legends New Goblin

    Volume LIII (12/26/14)
    Burger King Kid's Club: Bug Riders Lingo Wall Flyer Spider & I/Q Caterpillar Crawler; Friends 2B Made African American Plush Doll; Barbie Fairytopia: Mermaidia Shella; Sesame Street Snuffleupagus Plush; and Loving Family: Sweet Streets Candy Shop & Dance Studio

    Volume LIV (2/2/15)
    Lalaloopsy Crumb Sugar Cookie's Mouse; Liv Alexis Doll & Sophie Styling Head; The Incredible Hulk Abomination; Transfomers: RotF Rampage; and Monster High Slide Text Messenger

    Volume LV (2/11/15)
    Calico Cat in Blue; Squirt Devil Zombie; La Dee Da Dots of Style & Frog Princess Dees; Godzilla Cake Topper; and Hero Factory: Brain Attack Aquagon

    Volume LVI (4/18/15)
    Batman: The Animated Series Joker, Poison Ivy, & Riddler; TMNT Cake Topper; Don't Wake the Dragon!; Barbie Movie Theater Storybook; and Imaginext Monsters University CDA Agent

    Volume LVII (4/24/15)
    My Little Pony: Fancy Drawings; Amazing Spider-man: Web Battlers Slash Attack Lizard; Cutie Pops Chiffon; Disney Princess: Little Kingdom Beast; and Fraggle Rock Red

    Volume LVIII (5/18/15)
    Hot Wheels: Color Shifters Creatures Rodzilla; Arizona Snowman; Justice League Flash; Crayola Color Wonder Brush-Tip Markers & Coloring Pad; and Angry Birds: Knock on Wood Game

    Volume LIX (5/26/15)
    BFC Ink Noelle & Nicolette; Expandagon Construction System: Advanced Kit; Magnetic Paper Dolls (Three Girls & Chihuahua); Play-Doh Doctor Drill 'N Fill; and The LEGO Ideas Book

    Volume LX (6/1/15)
    Gremlins 2: The New Batch Mohawk Mogwai Plush; Stainless Steel Construction Set: Monster Truck; Two Nintendo DS Lites plus Paws & Claws: Pampered Pets Game; Transformers: Generations Scoop; and Loving Family: Sweet Streets Pet Shop & Beauty Salon

    Volume LXI (8/3/15)
    Talking Steve Irwin; TMNT Scumbug; Magnetic Sculpture Balls; Pretty Girl: Fashion Designer Kit; and MLP: Equestria Girls Celestia

    Volume LXII (9/21/15)
    Betty Spaghetty Mandy, Betty, & Heidi; Bratzillaz Barkthalameow; South Park Kyle Broflovski Plush; Star Wars Jabba The Hutt Playset; and Transformers: Robot Heroes Blaster, Ultra Magnus, Kickback, & Unicron

    Volume LXIII (10/12/15)
    Zoobles! Kelp's Underwater Adventure Happitat Playset; Princess, Mermaid, Fairy, & Ballerina Hand Puppets; Dicecapades Board Game; ZOOB ZOOBmobile Building Set; and Marvel Universe Hulk

    Volume LXIV (11/11/15)
    Create 2 Destroy Suburban Slam Destructodon; Mini Mad Wheelz Brain Drain & Early Bird Special; Liv Sophie Styling Head; Care Bears: Cuddle Pairs Good Luck Bear & Playful Heart Monkey; Sega Game Gear Columns & Ecco The Dolphin

    Volume LXV (12/2/15)
    Popples Blue Puffling; The Avengers Ultimate Electronic Iron Man Mark VII; Dungeons & Dragons Basic Rules Set 1; Handheld Sudoku; The Little Mermaid Shimmering Lights Ariel

    Volume LXVI (12/21/15)
    Disney Fairies: Tinker Bell Dress-Up Magnetic Activity; TMNT Ninja Practice Pal Leonardo; Playstation 2 Guitar Hero II & Guitar Controller; McFarlane's Dragons: Komodo Dragon Clan 3; Barbie Pop Culture Collection: Hello Kitty Barbie

    Volume LXVII (3/28/16)
    pyrAmix; WWE FlexForce: Breakdown Brawl Ring; Curious Bonz; Hotel Transylvania Mavis Plush; and My Little Pony: Ponyville Sweetie Belle's Gumball House

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