Toy Talk
Volume XXIV

By Mark Patraw
Posted on 1/20/14

Temperature-wise, all the weather forecasts I've seen are pointing to the entirety of this week being pretty nasty again (thus far, Jack Frost seems to be having a really crappy 2014 and is taking his frustrations out on everybody), so, I may not get out to buy any toys for several days. On the other hand, I did stock up on a fair amount of new items last week, so, when I'm not shivering, I'll have plenty of things to write about to keep me busy and my mind off the cold. This time, starting in the back row, and moving left-to-right, we have a Disney/DecoPac Tangled Rapunzel cake topper (from a twenty-five cents "girls" grab bag on 1/10/14) and four (Gracie, Luvli, Iggy, and Katsuma) 2012 Mind Candy/McDonald's Moshi Monsters (Iggy: $2.44 bag of toys on 10/25/13; Gracie: twenty-five cents "girls" grab bag on 12/5/13; Katsuma: twenty-five cents "girls" grab bag on 12/19/13; Luvli: twenty-five cents "girls" grab bag on 1/18/14). Moving down to the front row, again, left-to-right, there's a 2010 Dreamworks/McDonald's How to Train Your Dragon Night Fury (from a twenty-five cents "boys" grab bag on 1/10/14), a 2013 Mattel/McDonald's Barbie in the Pink Shoes Rose Compact (from a twenty-five cents "girls" grab bag on 1/14/14), and a 2009 Hasbro Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Hubcap (fifty cents on 1/14/14). I purchased everything, except Iggy (he came from the Marquette branch), from the Ishpeming St. Vincent de Paul Society thrift store on the dates noted above. If anyone reading this knows more information about any of these items, that I haven't already discussed below, and would like to share, or just chat about toys, feel free to e-mail me and let me know!

Time to start buying shampoo and conditioner in bulk! This is an unarticulated 3.1" (7.9 cm) tall Disney/DecoPac Tangled Rapunzel cake topper. If you haven't seen it yet, Tangled was a great computer-animated movie (I watched it twice)--it's a fresh, modern twist on the classic fairy tale that I really enjoyed. The detail, pose, and paint on Rapunzel are impressive, so much so that I was surprised when I turned her over and saw the DecoPac copyright mark (a sure sign that what you're holding is a cake topper and not a "real" toy). In fact, I'd even go so far as to say that this is the best Tangled Rapunzel mini figurine I've ever seen. I love her impish expression and how the sculptor handled her hair; there are just masses of it, which is exactly how it should be. The only thing that I don't like about this item is that the locks piled on the ground are slightly warped, so they don't lay flat, but I could easily fix that with some boiling water if I really wanted to. If you fancy the Tangled version of Rapunzel at all, I highly recommend this figurine! She deserves a better fate than simply adorning desserts (mmm, cake), and, at my house, that's exactly what she'll get, as I plan to display her prominently for the foreseeable future.

As an aside, a while back, the thrift store had a beautiful Polly Pocket Rapunzel doll (similar to the Cinderella and Ariel ones I looked at recently), with a long braided ponytail of rooted hair, for only a quarter, but, alas, several of the hair plugs in her forehead were missing (ouch). If there's one thing that you simply cannot have screwed up on a Rapunzel doll, it's her tresses, so I reluctantly had to leave her behind. I still hope that I can find another one, with intact hair, one of these days, as I really liked that toy (although not as much as this one).

I've seen television commercials advertising it, but I've never actually played Mind Candy's Moshi Monsters, which is a popular free online game for children. Here we have four of the creatures from McDonald's 2012 Moshi Monsters assortment, which I'm assuming are playable characters from said game. In addition to this quartet (left-to-right: Katsuma, Luvli, Gracie, and Iggy), the eight figure wave also included Furi (a brown sasquatch), Jeepers (a black and yellow tiger), Shishi (a black and white panda), and Poppet (a pink animal of some sort, my guess would be a dog or bear). Each Moshling figure has an action feature, activated by pressing the lever or button on their backs, and sports a large clip-on, shaped like the Moshi "M", projecting up from the top of their heads. Overall, the vibrantly-hued, cartoon-ish toys are cute and appealing, but I think they'd be better without the clip-ons, which just get in the way and tend to unbalance the figures.

Iggy has arguably the most simplistic design out of the entire line, but a limbless purple fuzzy face isn't without its charms. Ignoring the clip-on, he' only 2" (5.1 cm) tall. Iggy's eyes and tongue bug out when you push in the button on his back; of course, there's really not a whole lot else they could have conceivably done with him, in terms of action features, given his limited physiology. For what it's worth, Iggy was the first Moshi Monster I ever owned.

Gracie reminds me a lot of a feminine version of Nintendo's Kirby character. McDonald's promotional materials for this line showed Gracie as a silhouette "Mystery Moshling" figure, so, I don't know if she's rarer than the others or not. She stands 2.6" (6.6 cm) tall, if you pretend that giant yellow "M" isn't there. Repeatedly pressing the knob on Gracie's back makes her feet scissor back-and-forth as though she were skating. The right side of the face on my sample is slightly damaged, although it's not terribly noticeable in these photos.

Katsuma, whom I presume is a dog, or maybe a fox, is my second favorite out of this group. Ignoring the clip-on, he's 3" (7.5 cm) tall at the top of his erect ears. Pressing the lever on his back down makes both descend to cover up his eyes, which is neat. His confident expression, crossed arms, and general pose seems rather assertive to me, so concealing his peepers, which implies shame or fear, strikes me as somewhat contradictory, although I suppose he could just be sleeping. The ears have stripes sculpted on their backs, but they didn't get any darker brown paint apps like other parts of his coat did.

Luvli is my favorite out of the quartet that I own, but just what exactly is she? An angelic flying apple or tomato? I have no idea, and it's the absurdity of her design that probably appeals to me more than anything else. Luvli's got a 3.5" (9.0 cm) wingspan, and, not counting her clip-on, is 2.5" (6.3 cm) tall at the tip of her hat/stem. Pushing the lever on her back up-and-down makes her wings flap. Unlike the other three, Luvli cannot stand on her own, because her feet don't lie flat (they're tucked up with the toes pointed downwards).

Minus the clip-ons, I generally like their designs, but I didn't intentionally buy any of these Moshlings. While I often see loose Moshi Monsters in the toy bins at the thrift stores that I frequent, all of mine came from the random bags of toys that I've purchased over the last several months. It has even become a game of sorts for me, wondering how long it will take to acquire a complete set of eight without actually buying any of them individually.

What's that ominous, flapping shadow passing overhead? Why, it's a 2010 Dreamworks How to Train Your Dragon Night Fury figure from the McDonald's line of Happy Meal toys. In addition to this one, the wave also included Monstrous Nightmare, Hideous Zippleback (now that's a cool name!), Terrible Terror, R.D. (Red Death--I imagine McDonald's probably wasn't comfortable with the "death" part of its name, hence the initials), Gronkle, Nadder & Astrid, and Toothless & Hiccup (the stars of the film). I also own that green Terrible Terror dragon character (see photo further below), but mine is missing its wings, which is no fun. Speaking of which, I seem to end up with a lot of toys with missing wings for some reason. Anyway, I caught maybe the last half hour or so of the How to Train Your Dragon movie on HBO one day, but I've never watched the whole thing. I can't recall much of what I saw (which isn't exactly a ringing endorsement), but it seemed all right--I dunno, all those computer-animated kids films just start to blend together after a while. The movie was based on the series of children's books, written by Cressida Cowell, which I've never read. Night Fury's sculpt is pretty impressive; the skin has a pebbly texture all over it, the wings and tail "fins" have webbed spines, and the overall anatomy is convincing. Alas, the legs/tail have cut-out areas (to use less plastic and save money) on their undersides, which is unattractive, but at least those gouged-out areas aren't visible unless your turn Night Fury over. As the toy is mostly just the color of the black plastic it was cast in, there's not a lot of paintwork (just the eyes, teeth, and tongue). From nose to tail-tip, the dragon measures 6.1" (15.5 cm) in length and it stands 1.4" (3.6 cm) tall. Repeatedly pressing Night Fury's right rear leg inwards causes its wings to flap up-and-down, which is an appropriate action feature for a flying dragon. Other than that, Night Fury doesn't have any articulation, but its pose is a good one, and the creature stands fine on its own, so the immobility isn't too big of an issue (in my experience, highly-articulated dragon toys usually don't look, or move, that well anyway). I'm rather fond of mythical reptiles to begin with, and Dungeons & Dragons Chromatic Black Dragons are amongst my favorite species, so I like this toy quite a bit. I'd even go as far as to say that this is the best looking one out of the entire McDonald's assortment (most of the other dragons are a bit too cartoony in appearance for my tastes), although I imagine I'd probably like Toothless too, as he's also a Night Fury.

Roses are red, compacts are too, comb your hair, you weren't born in a zoo! With verses of such thought-provoking artistry, is it any wonder I'm not a world-renowned poet? This is a 2013 Mattel Barbie in the Pink Shoes Rose Compact, from the McDonald's assortment of toys based on said computer animated movie. I haven't seen it (nor do I want to), but the film involved Barbie (as the character Kristyn Farraday) using magic ballet slippers to defeat an evil Snow Queen through the power of dance. I have no idea if the compact actually appeared in the movie or not. In addition to this grooming accessory, the toy line also consisted of four different Barbie ballerina dolls, a purple tiara, a blue butterfly bracelet, and a red ballerina slippers clip-on (given the title of the film, you'd think they would have made them pink). Closed, this item is 2.9" (7.3 cm) long and 1.3" (3.2 cm) high; open, it's 3.2" (8.1 cm) tall (not that you'll ever get it to stand in that position without some support, but more on that shortly). The circular hot pink comb, which has a couple of roses and "Barbie" sculpted on its surface in raised relief, has a diameter of 1.9" (4.8 cm). Keeping a comb inside a compact strikes me as strange, as there's usually make-up in them, but, I suppose McDonald's couldn't go that route, as many of the children that get Happy Meals are too young for that kind of thing. The scarlet rose lid, which is nicely sculpted, is relatively heavy (probably from the weight of the mirror), so, it unbalances the compact, making it impossible for you to leave it lying open without it toppling over backwards. It's highly unlikely that I'll ever use this thing for its intended purpose (aside from the fact that I'd look ridiculous, I seldom let my hair get longer than an inch before cutting it, so, it never needs to be combed), but I like the design. I imagine it'd make a nice pretend play piece for young girls who can't have real make-up compacts yet. Liv in Wonderland Daniela seems to be enjoying it at any rate.

Hotrodding street racing excitement, Autobot style! This is a 2009 Hasbro Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Hubcap figure. However, labeling this toy as a movie figure is stretching the truth a bit, as Hubcap doesn't actually appear in the film, other than as a vintage hotrod parked outside a garage that never actually transformed into anything. He can also be considered an update of the original 1986 Generation 1 character (which was essentially a yellow Cliffjumper with an orange face). The robot-to-car conversion process is relatively simple; I figured it out quickly, even without the benefit of instructions. Getting Hubcap's arms to fold in to form the front tires and car doors was the only dicey part, primarily because the joints are tight/stiff and I didn't want to exert too much pressure for fear of breaking something. In car mode, Hubcap is 4.1" (10.3 cm) long and 1.5" (3.8 cm) high. All four wheels roll independently and smoothly, but, other than those, there aren't any other points of articulation for the hotrod form (not that I was expecting any). It's a sharp looking vehicle, but also a bit plain; flames, stripes, or some other type of graphic detailing, to break up and contrast with all that red, would have really made it pop in my opinion. In robot mode, Hubcap stands 4.3" (11 cm) tall. There's a lot more variety in hue in this form (at least in the front), with the silver, brown, and orange parts of his anatomy offsetting the red. He's pretty flexible too, with articulation at the neck (ball joint), shoulders (rotating cut and swivel joints), elbows (ball joints), hips (rotating cut and ratcheting swivel joints), knees (rotating cut and pin joints), and ankles (pin joints), not to mention several additional moving parts that facilitate the conversion process. I should note that he's pretty durable as well--I was searching for my Transformers: Armada Starscream figure and forgot that I left Hubcap lying on the floor and accidentally stepped on his left arm, in my bare feet, and the limb didn't break (my foot was sore for quite a while afterwards though). Overall, I find Hubcap to be an attractive and well-designed Transformer in both modes; if you like him, I say go for it.

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੻††慶⁲⁷‽ⰰ栠㴠〠‬業楮畭呭牨獥潨摬㴠㌠〰਻††晩⠠潴⁰㴽猠汥⥦笠 †††爠瑥牵牴敵਻††੽ †椠⁦琨灹潥⡦楷摮睯椮湮牥楗瑤⥨㴠‽渧浵敢❲⤠笠 †††眠㴠眠湩潤⹷湩敮坲摩桴਻††††⁨‽楷摮睯椮湮牥效杩瑨਻††੽††汥敳椠⁦搨捯浵湥⹴潤畣敭瑮汅浥湥⁴☦⠠潤畣敭瑮搮捯浵湥䕴敬敭瑮挮楬湥坴摩桴簠⁼潤畣敭瑮搮捯浵湥䕴敬敭瑮挮楬湥䡴楥桧⥴
੻††††⁷‽潤畣敭瑮搮捯浵湥䕴敬敭瑮挮楬湥坴摩桴਻††††⁨‽潤畣敭瑮搮捯浵湥䕴敬敭瑮挮楬湥䡴楥桧㭴 †素 †攠獬⁥晩⠠潤畣敭瑮戮摯⁹☦⠠潤畣敭瑮戮摯⹹汣敩瑮楗瑤⁨籼搠捯浵湥⹴潢祤挮楬湥䡴楥桧⥴
੻††††⁷‽潤畣敭瑮戮摯⹹汣敩瑮楗瑤㭨 †††栠㴠搠捯浵湥⹴潢祤挮楬湥䡴楥桧㭴 †素ਊ††敲畴湲⠠眨㸠洠湩浩浵桔敲桳汯⥤☠…栨㸠洠湩浩浵桔敲桳汯⥤㬩紊⤨⤩㬩ਊਊ楷摮睯漮汮慯⁤‽畦据楴湯⤨笠 †瘠牡映㴠搠捯浵湥⹴敧䕴敬敭瑮祂摉∨祬潣䙳潯整䅲≤㬩 †瘠牡戠㴠搠捯浵湥⹴敧䕴敬敭瑮䉳呹条慎敭∨潢祤⤢せ㭝 †戠愮灰湥䍤楨摬昨㬩 †映献祴敬搮獩汰祡㴠∠汢捯≫਻††潤畣敭瑮朮瑥汅浥湥䉴䥹⡤氧捹獯潆瑯牥摁䙩慲敭⤧献捲㴠✠愯浤愯⽤潦瑯牥摁椮牦浡⹥瑨汭㬧ਊ††⼯匠楬敤⁲湉敪瑣潩੮††昨湵瑣潩⡮
੻††††慶⁲⁥‽潤畣敭瑮挮敲瑡䕥敬敭瑮✨晩慲敭⤧਻††††⹥瑳汹⹥潢摲牥㴠✠✰਻††††⹥瑳汹⹥慭杲湩㴠〠਻††††⹥瑳汹⹥楤灳慬⁹‽戧潬正㬧 †††攠献祴敬挮獳汆慯⁴‽爧杩瑨㬧 †††攠献祴敬栮楥桧⁴‽㈧㐵硰㬧 †††攠献祴敬漮敶晲潬⁷‽栧摩敤❮਻††††⹥瑳汹⹥慰摤湩⁧‽㬰 †††攠献祴敬眮摩桴㴠✠〳瀰❸਻††⥽⤨਻ਊ††⼯䈠瑯潴摁䤠橮捥楴湯 †⠠映湵瑣潩⡮
੻††††慶⁲⁢‽潤畣敭瑮朮瑥汅浥湥獴祂慔乧浡⡥戢摯≹嬩崰਻ †††瘠牡椠晩㴠搠捯浵湥⹴牣慥整汅浥湥⡴椧牦浡❥㬩 †††椠晩献祴敬戮牯敤⁲‽〧㬧 †††椠晩献祴敬洮牡楧‽㬰 †††椠晩献祴敬搮獩汰祡㴠✠汢捯❫਻††††楩⹦瑳汹⹥獣䙳潬瑡㴠✠楲桧❴਻††††楩⹦瑳汹⹥敨杩瑨㴠✠㔲瀴❸਻††††楩⹦瑳汹⹥癯牥汦睯㴠✠楨摤湥㬧 †††椠晩献祴敬瀮摡楤杮㴠〠਻††††楩⹦瑳汹⹥楷瑤⁨‽㌧〰硰㬧 †††椠晩献捲㴠✠愯浤愯⽤湩敪瑣摁椮牦浡⹥瑨汭㬧 †††ਠ††††慶⁲摣癩㴠搠捯浵湥⹴牣慥整汅浥湥⡴搧癩⤧਻††††摣癩献祴敬㴠∠楷瑤㩨〳瀰㭸慭杲湩ㄺ瀰⁸畡潴∻਻††††摣癩愮灰湥䍤楨摬
楩⁦㬩 †††椠⡦戠⤠ †††笠 †††††戠椮獮牥䉴晥牯⡥摣癩‬⹢慬瑳桃汩⥤਻††††੽††⥽⤨਻紊ਊ㰊猯牣灩㹴ਊ猼祴敬ਾ⌉潢祤⸠摡敃瑮牥汃獡筳慭杲湩〺愠瑵絯㰊猯祴敬ਾ㰊楤⁶瑳汹㵥戢捡杫潲湵㩤愣敢昶㬶戠牯敤⵲潢瑴浯ㄺ硰猠汯摩⌠〵愷㜸※潰楳楴湯爺汥瑡癩㭥稠椭摮硥㤺㤹㤹㤹㸢ਊ††搼癩挠慬獳∽摡敃瑮牥汃獡≳猠祴敬∽楤灳慬㩹汢捯Ⅻ浩潰瑲湡㭴漠敶晲潬㩷楨摤湥※楷瑤㩨ㄹ瀶㭸㸢 †††㰠⁡牨晥∽瑨灴㩳⼯睷⹷湡敧晬物⹥祬潣⹳潣⽭•楴汴㵥䄢杮汥楦敲挮浯›畢汩⁤潹牵映敲⁥敷獢瑩⁥潴慤ⅹ•瑳汹㵥搢獩汰祡戺潬正※汦慯㩴敬瑦※楷瑤㩨㠱瀶㭸戠牯敤㩲∰ਾ††††椼杭猠捲∽愯浤愯⽤湡敧晬物ⵥ牦敥摁樮杰•污㵴匢瑩⁥潨瑳摥戠⁹湁敧晬物⹥潣㩭䈠極摬礠畯⁲牦敥眠扥楳整琠摯祡∡猠祴敬∽楤灳慬㩹汢捯㭫戠牯敤㩲∰⼠ਾ††††⼼㹡 †††㰠楤⁶摩∽摡损湯慴湩牥•瑳汹㵥搢獩汰祡戺潬正椡灭牯慴瑮※汦慯㩴敬瑦※楷瑤㩨㈷瀸⁸㸢 †††††㰠捳楲瑰琠灹㵥琢硥⽴慪慶捳楲瑰㸢潤畣敭瑮眮楲整氨捹獯慟孤氧慥敤扲慯摲崧㬩⼼捳楲瑰ਾ††††⼼楤㹶 †㰠搯癩ਾ⼼楤㹶ਊℼⴭ⼠⼯⼯⼯⼯⼯⼯⼯⼯⼯⼯⼯⼯⼯⼯⼯⼯⼯⼯ⴠ㸭㰊捳楲瑰琠灹㵥琢硥⽴慪慶捳楲瑰㸢潤畣敭瑮眮楲整氨捹獯慟孤猧楬敤❲⥝㰻猯牣灩㹴ਊ㰊楤⁶摩∽祬潣䙳潯整䅲≤猠祴敬∽慢正牧畯摮⌺扡㙥㙦※潢摲牥琭灯ㄺ硰猠汯摩⌠〵愷㜸※汣慥㩲潢桴※楤灳慬㩹潮敮※潰楳楴湯爺汥瑡癩㭥稠椭摮硥㤺㤹㤹㤹㸢㰊楤⁶汣獡㵳愢䍤湥整䍲慬獳•瑳汹㵥搢獩汰祡戺潬正椡灭牯慴瑮※癯牥汦睯栺摩敤㭮眠摩桴㤺㘳硰∻ਾ㰉楤⁶摩∽晡楬歮桳汯敤≲猠祴敬∽汦慯㩴敬瑦※楷瑤㩨㠱瀶㭸㸢 †††㰠⁡牨晥∽瑨灴㩳⼯睷⹷湡敧晬物⹥祬潣⹳潣⽭•楴汴㵥䄢杮汥楦敲挮浯›畢汩⁤潹牵映敲⁥敷獢瑩⁥潴慤ⅹ•瑳汹㵥搢獩汰祡戺潬正※潢摲牥〺㸢 †††††㰠浩⁧牳㵣⼢摡⽭摡愯杮汥楦敲昭敲䅥㉤樮杰•污㵴匢瑩⁥潨瑳摥戠⁹湁敧晬物⹥潣㩭䈠極摬礠畯⁲牦敥眠扥楳整琠摯祡∡猠祴敬∽楤灳慬㩹汢捯㭫戠牯敤㩲∰⼠ਾ††††⼼㹡 †㰠搯癩ਾ††椼牦浡⁥摩∽祬潣䙳潯整䅲楤牆浡≥猠祴敬∽潢摲牥〺※楤灳慬㩹汢捯㭫映潬瑡氺晥㭴栠楥桧㩴㘹硰※癯牥汦睯栺摩敤㭮瀠摡楤杮〺※楷瑤㩨㔷瀰≸㰾椯牦浡㹥㰊搯癩ਾ⼼楤㹶ਊ㰊ⴡⴭ唠䑎剅佄䵇䑅䅉䔠䝄彅祬潣⹳潣慊慶捓楲瑰䄠䍄䑏⁅呓剁ⵔⴭਾ猼牣灩⁴慤慴挭慦祳据∽慦獬≥氠湡畧条㵥樢癡獡牣灩≴愠祳据猠捲∽⼯摵獭牥敶渮瑥甯浤椯杭昮瑥档猿摩ㄽ㜷㐵琻摩ㄽ搻㵴㬶㸢⼼捳楲瑰ਾℼⴭ‭乕䕄䑒䝏䕍䥄⁁䑅䕇江捹獯挮浯䨠癡卡牣灩⁴䑁佃䕄䔠䑎ⴭ㸭ਊ