Texans in the Civil War

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Graves and Cemeteries

Texas Confederate Soldiers

Walker's Texas Division


1st Brigade

12th Texas Infantry
12th Texas Infantry Muster Roll

18th Texas Infantry
18th Texas Infantry Muster Roll
"The Grayrock Volunteers"
Join the 18th Texas Infantry Re-enactors

22nd Texas Infantry
22nd Texas Infantry Muster Roll

13th Texas Cavalry
13th Texas Cavalry Muster Roll

Haldeman's Battery

2nd Brigade

11th Texas Infantry
11th Texas Infantry Muster Roll

14th Texas Infantry
14th Texas Infantry Muster Roll

28th Texas Cavalry
28th Texas Cavalry Muster Roll

Gould's Battalion

Daniel's Battery

3rd Brigade

16th Texas Infantry
16th Texas Infantry Muster Roll

17th Texas Infantry
17th Texas Infantry Muster Roll

19th Texas Infantry
19th Texas Infantry Muster Roll

16th Texas Cavalry
16th Texas Cavalry Muster Roll

Edgars Battery

4th Brigade

Temporarily attached, the 4th Brigade withdrew
from the division and was captured at Arkansas Post

10th Texas Infantry
10th Texas Infantry Muster Roll

15th Texas Cavalry
15th Texas Cavalry Muster Roll

18th Texas Cavalry
18th Texas Cavalry Muster Roll

25th Texas Cavalry

In the spring of 1865 another 4th Brigade
was organized that included,

16th Texas Infantry

18th Texas Infantry

28th Texas Cavalry

Well's Texas Cavalry

34th Texas Cavalry
34th Texas Cavalry Muster Roll


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Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System


TxGenWeb Project

Texas Genealogy and History


All Texas Units
Texas in the Civil War
by Dr. Ken Jones

Southern Heroes from Southeast Texas
by Allen Connel

Other Texas Confederate Units

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Phillips Georgia Legion

To Honor These Men


Phillips Georgia Legion, Infantry Battalion

Roster - Company A, The Greene Rifles

Roster - Company B, The Dalton Guards

Roster - Company C, The Habersham Volunteers or The Habersham Rifles

Roster - Company D, The Polk Rifles

Roster - Company E, Blue Ridge Rifles

Roster - Company F, The Lochrane Guards

Roster - Company L, Blackwell Volunteers

Roster - Company M, The Denmead Volunteers

Roster - Company O, The Marietta Guards


Phillips Georgia Legion, Cavalry Battalion

Roster - Company A, Governor's Horse Guards


Biographies, Photos, Reminisences

War Time Deaths/Burials

Articles about Phillips Legion


For information on Phillips Legion
Contact Kurt Graham


1st Georgia Reserves

Flag Description

For Information on the 1st Georgia Reserves

Contact Jane Benson


The Garland Landmark Society
The History of Garland, Texas


  "So far from engaging in a war to perpetuate slavery, I am rejoiced that Slavery is abolished. I believe it will be greatly for the interest of the South. So fully am I satisfied of this that I would have cheerfully lost all that I have lost by the war, and have suffered all that I have suffered to have this object attained." - Robert E. Lee  

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