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22nd Texas Infantry

Colonel Richard B. Hubbard

The 22nd Infantry Regiment was organized on March 10, 1862 in Polk County, Texas. The men that volunteered for service in the 22nd Infantry were from Livingston, Mason, Quitman, Palestine and Tyler, Texas. Field officers were Colonel Richard B. Hubbard, Lieutenant Colonel John J. Canon, Lieutenant Colonel Elias E. Lott, and Major Benjamin F. Parkes. The 22nd Texas Infantry was attached to the 1st Brigade, commanded by Colonel Overton Young, 1st Brigade, Walker’s Texas Division, Trans - Mississippi Department. The regiment saw action in Arkansas and Louisiana including the battle at Young's Point on June 7, 1863. Young's Point served as a vital supply depot for the Union army. As the Texans advanced across the fields, they saw Federal reinforcements arrive by transports supported by gunboats. Confederate efforts at Young's Point ended in failure. In March 1864, the 22nd Texas Infantry participated in the operations against the advance of the Federal Army, under General Banks, from Franklin, Louisiana. The 22nd Infantry also participated in the battles at Natchitoches, Louisiana on March 31, 1864 and Wilson's Farm, Louisiana on April 7, 1864. On April 8, 1864, arriving near Mansfield, General Walker formed his division in line of battle and awaited the advance of the enemy. They participated in the Battle of Pleasant Hill, Louisiana on April 9, 1864 against 35,000 Federal soldiers. The Confederate force was under 16,000. The Texans captured 21 pieces of artillery, over 3,000 prisoners and more than 200 wagons. The Confederate loss was severe with over 2,000 killed and wounded. The regiment participated in operations against Gen. Steele from Little Rock to Camden, Arkansas. The 22nd Infantry participated in engagements at Marks' Mills, Arkansas on April 15, 1864. At this engagement there were about 300 Confederate casualties, including kills, wounds, and MIAs, compared to the 1,500 Union losses. The men of the 22nd Texas Infantry fought bravely at the Battle of Jenkins Ferry, Arkansas on April 30, 1864. A private in Walker's Texas Division stated, “An incessant roar of musketry prevailed for about six hours. During this time the tide of battle ebbed and flowed, now advancing then retreating, but at no time did the ground fought over vary more than about 250 yards. Owing to the dense fog and dense clouds of smoke which hung in the thick woods, many times opposing lines could only be discovered by the flash of their muskets. Had we received reinforcements we could have destroyed the entire train and perhaps have captured the entire army. The Federal troops fought well and were handled in a masterly manner.” The dead were buried by Confederate forces. One member of Walker's Texas Division stated, "Soon after the battle ended, a detail of men were employed in burying the dead. Armed with shovel, pickaxe, and spade, they proceeded along the battleground to complete this mournful task, which the enemy was unable to accomplish. The ground was thickly strewn with the ghastly and mangled forms. The effluvium from the swollen, festering forms was too horrible for human endurance. No conception of the imagination, no power of human language, could do justice to such a horrible scene." The regiment marched to Shreveport, Louisiana and then to Hempstead, Texas. The 22nd Texas Infantry disbanded before General Kirby Smith and General John Magruder surrendered the Trans-Mississippi forces on June 2, 1865 at Galveston, Texas.

Names of Officer of the 22nd Texas Infantry
Colonel, R.B. Hubbard
Lt. Colonel John J. Cannon
Lieut. Col. Elisha Lott
Major, Benjamin.F.Parkes
Surgeon, E.P. Becton
Asst. Surgeon, W.M. Hamilton
Quartermaster, Franklin .N. Gary - 11/26/1828 - 01/30/1881, buried at Oakland Cemetery, Smith County, TX.
Adjutant, Bird Holland
Company A

Captain, E.A. Brown
1st Lieut., J.L Brown
2nd Lieut., V.A. Paul
2nd Lieut., Jun., G.W. Trayor
Company B

Captain, John T. Nelson
1st Liet., E. Baker
2nd Lieut., B.F. Rogers
2nd Lieut., Jun., Joesph Henry
Company C

Captain, S.S. Corzine
1st Lieut., Wm. Boyd
2nd Lieut., A.M. Barnes
2nd Lieut., Jun., F. M. Tidwell
Company D

Captain, W.R. Anderson
1st Lieut., J.L Ewing
2nd Lieut., J.C. Swagery
2nd Lieut., Jun., S.L. Shopner
Company E

Captain Ambrose Fitzgerald
Captain, A.D. Renshaw
1st Lieut., B.C. Stone
2nd Lieut., B.W. Browning
2nd Lieut., B.P. Stout
Company F

Captain John Gaynes
1st Lieut., G.S. Shotwell
2nd Lieut., H.W. Vinson
2nd Lieut., Jun., John R. Oats
Company G

Captain, J.M. Jones
1st Lieut., A.M. Glover
2nd Lieut., J. Ables
2nd Lieut., O.N. Shelton
Company H

Captain, J.J. Carter
1st Lieut., J. H. Rambo
2nd Lieut., J.R. Wright
2nd Lieut. B.W. Lee
Company I

Captain, E. Sharp
1st Lieut., R.C. McKinly
2nd Lieut., J.W. Wood
2nd Lieut., Jun., Wm. Masterson
Company K

Captain, P.E. Freeman
1st Lieut., J.P. Huddleston
2nd Lieut., Robert Good
Source: J. P. Blessington's "The Campaigns of Walker's Texas Division:"

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