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16th Texas Infantry

Colonel George Flournoy

16th Texas Infantry The 16th Texas Volunteer Infantry was organized March 25, 1862, at Camp Groce, near Hempstead, Austin County, Texas by Colonel George Flournoy. In January through February 1862, the regiment is assigned to the Department of Texas and from February until May 1862, the 16th Infantry is assigned to the Eastern District of Texas, Department of Texas. On May 16, 1862 the camp is disbanded and the regiment boards up railroad cars bound for Virginia Point. On May 17, 1862 the regiment arrived at Virginia Point. July 6, 1862 the regiment is ordered to march to Little Rock, Arkansas. On July 7, 1862, the regiment returns to Camp Groce and prepares to march to Little Rock, Arkansas. In May until August 1862, the regiment is assigned to the Eastern District of Texas, Trans-Mississippi Department. In September 1862 through January 1863 the 16th Texas Infantry is assigned to Flournoy's Brigade, Nelson's-McCulloch's Division, 2nd Corps, Trans-Mississippi Department.
In February through March 1863, the regiment joins Walker's Texas Division, District of Arkansas, Trans-Mississippi Department. May 1863 through April 1864, the 16th Infantry became part of Flournoy's-Scurry's Brigade, Walker's Division, District of West Louisiana, Trans-Mississippi Department. On June 3, 1862, Colonel George Flournoy is assigned to command the Sub-Military District of Houston and establishes his headquarters in Houston, Texas, by Special Orders No. 819 from Captain and Assistant Adjutant-General, Samuel Boyer Davis. October 14, 1862, the regiment makes itís winter quarters at Camp Nelson near Little Rock, Arkansas. While at winter quarters, McCulloch's Division is formed and headed by Brigadier General Henry E. McCulloch. The 16th Texas Infantry is assigned to the 3rd Brigade, commanded by Col. George Flournoy. December 10, 1862, McCulloch's Division is ordered to prepare to march to Vicksburg by Major General Holmes. December 26, 1862. Major General John G. Walker assumes command of the division from McCulloch. McCulloch takes over the 3rd Brigade from Flournoy. Colonel Flournoy re-assumes command of the 16th Infantry. Walker's Texas Division is ordered to move to Pine Bluff, Arkansas, by Major General Holmes. In February through March 1863, the Regiment is attached to McCulloch's-Flournoy's Brigade, Walker's Division, District of Arkansas, Trans-Mississippi Department. On April 23, 1863, McCulloch's Division is ordered to Monroe, Louisiana and to report to the commanding officer, Lt. General E.K. Smith. May 31, 1863, the regiment is involved in a skirmish at Perkin's Landing. June 7, 1863, at the Battle of Milliken's Bend, the regiment began the battle on the right flank. As the regiment was about climb over the top of a levee, it was ordered by General McCulloch to double-quick to the left of the brigade. Colonel Flournoy argued with McCulloch's adjutant about the orders, but the adjutant responded that the Brigadier General's orders were to be carried out. While the division was camped at Moundville, Louisiana, on October 21, 1863, the 16th Infantry is ordered to relieve the 13th infantry that was on picket below Opelousas. On October 22, 1863, the enemy advanced on Opelousas, driving the 16th and Green's Cavalry back. On December 1, 1863, the regiment is ordered to march to Plaquemine. December 3, 1863, the regiment did an about face and marched back toward Morganís Ferry. General Walker declined to attack Plaquemine because he believed it would be impossible to hold. The garrison was heavily reinforced with thirteen gunboats at the mouth of the bayou. The regiment fires on the federal steamer Van Pool on the Mississippi River. The 16th Texas Infantry participated in the Red River Campaign and Camden Expedition in March through May 1864.On April 2,1864, the regiment arrived at Pleasant Hill, Louisiana. The Battle of Mansfield occurred on April 8, 1864 and was a Confederate victory. The Federals advance to Shreveport and Texas had been stopped. The union losses were estimated at 2,200 casualties. On April 9, 1864 the Battle of Pleasant Hill took place and was also a Confederate victory but cost the lives of many brave Confederate soldiers. April 10, 1864, the regiment receives orders to march to Camden, Arkansas where the Federals had 8,000 troops.

-At the Battle of Jenkins' Ferry on April 30, 1864, Brigadier Generals Scurry and Horace Randall, of Walker's Division, die from wounds received during the battle. On May 3, 1864 the regiment is ordered back to Camden. On May 12, 1864, Colonel R. Waterhouse was promoted to Brigadier General and assumes command of the 3rd Brigade. Major General John H. Forney takes command of the division on September 3, 1864. The 16th Infantry camped near Minden, Arkansas until December 1, 1864. On January 26, 1865 the regiment left Camp Magruder and marched to Shreveport, Louisiana. On February 21, 1865 the regiment camped near the Old Mansfield road until March 6, 1865. At this camp, the regiment was re-assigned to the new 4th Brigade. The new 4th Brigade, commanded by Brig. General W.H. King, was composed of the 18th Texas Infantry, the 28th Texas Dismounted Cavalry, the 34th Texas Dismounted Cavalry, and Well's Texas Dismounted Cavalry. The 16th Texas Infantry was surrendered by General Edmund Kirby Smith, commander of the Trans-Mississippi Department, on May 26, 1865.

Names of Officers of the 16th Texas Infantry

Colonel, George Flournoy
Lieut.-Col., James E. Shepard
Major, W.H. Redwood
Surgeon, U.G.M. Walker
Asst. Surgeon, I.W.Cocke
Quartermaster, A.F. Flowers
Commissary, A.C. McNeely
Adjutant, R.L. Upshaw
Company A
Captain, X.B. Sanders
1st Lieut., J.M. White
2nd Lieut., J.F. Estes
2nd Lieut., Ishmael Kile
Company B

Captain, W.F. Jerell
1st Lieut., A. Testand
2nd Lieut., H.L. Lewis
2nd Lieut., M.M. Murdock
Company C
Captain, M.H. Bowers
1st Lieut., Joseph Bird
2nd Lieut., John R. Spann
2nd Lieut., J.S. Vaughn
Company D

Captain, A.H. Chalmers
1st Lieut., E. Taylor
2nd Lieut., W. S. McLaughlin
2nd Lieut., John Ramsey
Company E

Captain, G.T. Marold
1st Lieut., A.E. Klaedon
2nd Lieut., C.H. Hanke
2nd Lieut., J. Groff
Company F

Captain, Z. Hunt
1st Lieut. - Z.W. Matthews
2nd Lieut., B.T. Harris
2nd Lieut., C. M. Campbell
Company G

Captain, Fred Morre
1st Lieut., C.F. Millet
2nd Lieut., John Davidson
2nd Lieut., John O. Johnson
Company H

Captain, M Quin
1st Lieut., J.B. Good
2nd Lieut.,J. McDonald
2nd Lieut.J.R. Coryell
Company I

Captain Lyttleton W. Moore
Captain, Alex McDow
1st Lieut., V.S. Rabb
2nd Lieut., W. H. Ledbetter
2nd Lieut., N. Franklin
Company K

1st Lieut., T.J. Peel
2nd Lieut., A. Ramer
2nd Lieut. - James Donahoe
Source: J.P. Blessington's " The Campaigns of Walker's Texas Division"

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