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18th Texas Infantry Muster Roll

Officers and Staff

Company A
Men from Cherokee County
Formed April 5, 1862, Alto, Tx. - Captain Geo. W. Knox

Company B
Men from Rusk and Marion Counties
Formed April 2, 1862, Linden, Tx. - Captain John R. Watson

Company C
Men from Rusk and Cherokee Counties
Formed April 7, 1862, Rusk, Tx. - Captain Thomas R. Bonner

Company D
Men from Jefferson and Marion Counties
Formed April 12, 1862, Jefferson, Tx. - Captain John K. Cocke

Company E
Men from Hopkins County
Formed April 23, Bright Star, Tx. - Captain Wm R. Buford

Company F
Men from Homer, Angelina and Titus Counties
Formed April 25, Mt. Pleasant, Tx. - Captain Jos. G.W. Wood

Company G
Men from Rusk County
Formed May 23, 1862, Rusk County, Tx. -Captain Issac Dansby

Company H
Men from Upshur County
Formed May 6, 1862, Coffeeville, Tx. - Captain John W. Duncan

Company I
Men from Shelby and Rusk Counties
Formed May 10, 1862, Hendersonville, Tx. - Captain P.G. Whetstone

Company K
Men from Jacksonville, Cherokee County
Formed May 17, 1862, Jacksonville, Tx. - Captain J.C. Maples

Company L
Formed in Elysium, Tx. - Captain Jas.G. McKnight


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