3rd Brigade

Colonel George Flournoy

Organization of the Third Brigade by Colonel George Flournoy, of the 16th Texas Infantry, comprised the following regiments:

16th Texas Infantry, commanded by Lieut-Colonel J. Shepard
16th Texas Infantry Muster Roll

16th Texas Cavalry, commanded by Colonel Wm. Fitzhugh
16th Cavalry, Company H, Muster Roll

17th Texas Infantry, commanded by Colonel Robt. T.P. Allen
17th Texas Infantry Muster Roll

19th Texas Infantry, commanded byGeneral Richard Waterhouse

Edgars Battery of Light Artillery

The 3rd Brigade was afterwards commanded by General General Henry Eustace McCulloch, General William Read Scurry, and General Richard Waterhouse.

Source: J.P. Blessington's "Campaigns of Walker's Texas Division"

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