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14th Texas Infantry

Colonel Edward Clark

Colonel Edward Clark organized the 14th Texas Infantry in April 1862. On June 12, 1862, General orders No. 5, ordered the regiment to Little Rock, Arkansas and report to the Commander of the army, west of the Mississippi River. Captain McNight's Company L of the 18th Texas Infantry was transferred to the 14th Regiment Texas Infantry sometime prior to October 31, 1862, and became (1st) Company K On November 10, 1863. Clark's 14th Texas Infantry, under General Horace Randal's Brigade, was directed to organize the troops in the Districts of Western Louisiana and in the Indian Territory. In March through May 1864, the 14th Texas Infantry participated in the Red River Campaign and the Camden Expedition. On March 14, 1864, the Federals landed at Simsport and captured Fort De Russy. Prisoners captured by Brigadier General A.J. Smith's command in the Red River Campaign included 3 officers and 19 enlisted men from the 14th Texas Infantry. On April 8, 1864, the Battle of Mansfield occurred, a confederate victory with a cost of approximately 1,500 confederate casualties. On April 9, 1864 the Battle of Pleasant Hill was fought in which Taylor's attack was repulsed with heavy loss. General John G. Walker was wounded and there were an estimated 2,000 confederate casualties. After being mauled at Marks’ Mills and Poison Spring, Maj. General Fred Steele’s forces retreated. On April 29, the Union forces reached Jenkins’ Ferry and began crossing the Saline River. Rebel forces arrived on the 30th and attacked repeatedly. April 30, 1864 the Battle of Jenkin's Ferry had begun. The confederate loss was estimated at 443. On October 10, 1864, the 14th Texas Infantry Regiment is mentioned in a memorandum to Adjutant and Inspector General's office that the regiments raised in the States West of the Mississippi River are now serving in the region East of the Mississippi River. The 14th Texas Infantry was surrendered by General E.K. Smith, commanding Trans - Mississippi Department, on May 26, 1865.

Names of Officers of the 14th Texas Infantry.
Colonel, Edward Clark
Lieut-Col., William Byrd
Major. Horace Haldeman
Major, A.H. Rogers
Surgeon, W.E. Saunders
Nicholas Condra
Asst. Surgeon. G.M. Blanton
Asst. Surgeon, W. S. Fowler
Quartermaster, John Bryan
1st Adjutant, R.R. Jones
AQM. P. Murrah
P.G. Croosly
Source : " Texas Confederate Soldiers, 1861-1865, Unit Rosters Vol. II " Hewett & Lawrence 1997
Company A

Captain, N.S. Allen
1st Lieut., J.H. Van Hook
2nd Lieut., B.C. Rain
2nd Lieut., J.L. Buchan
Company B

Captain, W.L. Pickens
1st Lieut., J.L. Thompson
2nd Lieut., P.G. Nebhut
2nd Lieut., J.C. Harcrow
Company C

Captain, W.L. Smith
1st Lieut., J.D.G. Adrain
2nd Lieut., B.W. Boren
2nd Lieut., B.P. Batey
Company D

Captain, R.F. Wiley
1st Lieut. C.B. Russell
2nd Lieut., S.M. Sears
2nd Lieut., Moses Pace
Company E

Captain, J.J. Flinn
1st Lieut., W.E. Shipley
2nd Lieut., H.C. Hollis
W.W. Noble
Company F

Captain, E.B. Gassaway
1st Lieut., G.W. Davis
2nd Lieut., W.H. Farris
2nd Lieut., William Davis
Company G

Captain, D.C. Laird
1st Lieut., William Gibson
2nd Lieut., W.M. Seeton
2nd Lieut., L.A. Denson
Company H

Captain, P.G. Nebhut
1st Lieut., J.F. Buchan
2nd Lieut., Mileno McKing
2nd Lieut., Jesse Woodward
Company I

Captain, J.M. Spratt
1st Lieut., B.F. Hart
2nd Lieut., W.A. Nieth
2nd Lieut., S.H. Cox
Company K

Captain, Sam J. Lyle
2nd Lieut., R.H. Lockhart
2nd Lieut., A.D. Spratt
Source: J.P. Blessington's "The Campaigns of Walker's Texas Division"

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