2nd Brigade

General Horace Randal

Organization of the 2nd Brigade by General Horace Randalof the 28th Texas Cavalry.

The 2nd Brigade comprised the following regiments:

28th Texas Cavalry (dismounted), commanded by Lieutenant - Colonel E.H. Baxter

11th Texas Infantry, commanded by Colonel O.M. Roberts

14th Texas Infantry, commanded by Colonel E.Clark

Gould's Battery and Captain Daniel's Battery of Light Artillery, commanded by Major Robert .S. Gould.

The Second Brigade was commanded by Colonel General McClay after the death of General Horace Randal.

The following officers comprised General H. Randal's staff:

General Horace Randal, Commanding Brigade
Major B. Hardeman, Quartermaster
Major J.M. Douglas, Commisary of Sup.
Captain J.M. Jessup, Aid-de-Camp
Lieutenant L. Randall, Ordnance Officer
Capt. J.B. Hardeman, A.A. General

Source: J.P. Blessington's "The Campaigns of Walker's Texas Division"

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