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1st Brigade

Colonel Overton Young

The First Brigade of Walker's Texas Division was commanded by Colonel Overton Young of the 8th Texas Infantry and consisted of the following regiments:

8th Texas Infantry, commanded by Lieut. Colonel Benjamin A.Philpott
8th Texas Infantry Muster Roll

12th Texas Infantry, commanded by YOUNG, OVERTON : The Handbook of Texas Online
12th Texas Infantry Muster Roll

13th Texas Cavalry, commanded by BURNETT, J.H. : The Handbook of Texas Online
13th Texas Cavalry Muster Roll

18th Texas Infantry, commanded by OCHILTREE, WILLIAM B. : The Handbook of Texas Online
18th Texas Infantry Muster Roll

22nd Texas Infantry, commanded byHUBBARD, RICHARD B. : The Handbook of Texas Online
22nd Infantry Muster Roll

Haldeman's Battery of Light Artillery, numbering four guns.

This brigade was afterwards commanded by Brigadier-Generals HAWES, JAMES : the Handbook of Texas Online, Ward, and KING, WILBURN H. - The Handbook of Texas Online.

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