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17th Texas Infantry

The 17th Texas Volunteer Infantry Regiment was organized in January of 1862 and commanded by Colonel Robert T.P. Allen. Field Officers were Colonel George W. Jones, Colonel Joseph Z. Miller, Major J. W. Tabor, Surgeon D. Port Smythe, Assistant Surgeon R. H. Lewis, Assistant Commissary Cyrus Coffy, Adjutant T. M. Hunt. In January - February 1862, the 17th Texas Infantry was assigned to the Department of Texas. In February - May 1862, the regiment was assigned to the Eastern District of Texas, Department of Texas. In May - August 1862, they were assigned to Eastern District of Texas, Department of Trans Mississippi. On September 6, 1862, Henry E. McCulloch takes command of the Texas Division and organizes it into four Brigades. General John G. Walker commands the division and General McCulloch was assigned command of the third brigade. On February 9, 1863, the Division marches to Camp Wright and the 17th Texas Infantry is attached to the District of Arkansas, Trans-Mississippi Department. On April 24th, the regiment marched to Louisiana. The regiment participated in the Red River Campaign and the Camden Expedition in March-May 1864.In May 1863-April 1864, the regiment is attached to the District of West Louisiana, Trans Mississippi Department. On May 31st, at Perkins Landing, the Brigade faces the enemy for the first time driving them back. June 7th McCulloch's Brigade arrived near Miliken's Bend on the Mississippi river and encountered the Union forces. On July 12, 1863, the 17th Texas Infantry marches to Alexandria, Louisiana. General McCulloch, is replaced by Colonel George Flournoy, on July 22, 1863.
The 17th Infantry marched many miles, across Arkansas and Louisiana, until April 8, 1864, when Walkers Division encounters the enemy at Mansfield., Louisiana. Confederate losses were estimated at 600 men killed or wounded. The enemy losses were estimated at 1500 killed or wounded and 2000 men and 20 pieces of Artillery were captured. On April 9, 1864, the 17th Texas Infantry participated in the battle of Pleasant Hill. On April 30, 1864, The regiment encountered the enemy, at Jenkins Ferry, crossing the Saline river. The battle lasted forty minutes. General Scurry died from wounds he received in the battle a few days afterward. November 12, 1864, was a big day for the 17th Texas Infantry, the troops receive their wages for the first time in 2 years. On March 15, 1865, the regiment crossed the border into Texas. The17th Texas Infantry was surrendered by General E. Kirby Smith of the Trans-Mississippi Department on May 26th 1865.

Names of Officers of the 17th Texas Infantry
Colonel,Colonel Robt. T.P. Allen
Lieut.-Col., George W. Jones
Major, J.W. Taylor
Surgeon, D. Port. Smythe
Asst. Surgeon, R.H. Lewis
Asst. Commissary, Cyrus Coffey
Adjutant, T.M. Hunt
Company A

Captain, R.D. Allen
1st Lieut., John E. Martin
2nd Lieut., O.H.P. Garrett
2nd Lieut., I.C. Douglass
Company B

Captain,I.Z. Miller
1st Lieut., Ciceo Nash
2nd Lieut., Samuel Fleming
2nd Lieut, Chas. Keton
Company C

Captain, Thomas H. Gutlin
1st Lieut., B.T. Middleton
2nd Lieut., Goe. G. Tucker
2nd Lieut., I.M. Fort
Company D

Captain, H. Ryan
1st Lieut., A.J. Ridge
2nd Lieut., A. Boyce
2nd Lieut., L.T. Duson
Company E

Captain, Seth Mabey
1st Lieut., J.M. Young
2nd Lieut., Geo. W. Miller
2nd Lieut., W. Rice
Company F

Captain, E.P. Petty
1st Lieut., J.S. Cunningham
2nd Lieut., H.N. Little
H. McLester
Company G

Captain, W.J. Maltby
1st Lieut., C.M.Smith
2nd Lieut., D.V. Grant
2nd Lieut.,O.W. Wimberly
Company H

Captain, C.A. Sabath
1st Lieut., E. Kollmaner
2nd Lieut., J.C. Douglas
2nd Lieut., W.B.Rover
Company I

Captain, John Smith
1st Lieut., J. Jalonick
2nd Lieut., R.H. Taylor
2nd Lieut., Jno. W. Houston
Company K

Capain, S.J.P. McDowell
1st Lieut., J.B. Long
2nd Lieut., E.H. Rogan
2nd Lieut., B.F. Luce
Source: J.P. Blessington's "The Campaigns of Walker's Texas Division"

17th Texas Infantry History
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