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Portions of Article by ; Portions of Article, Good Health Supplements, who recommends the Rejuvenation Water Ionization Systemfor your water filtration needs.

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Health FAQ's on Water: Alkaline and Acidic Water Ionization for health:
Many are turning to water ionization filters because of health benefits they have read about, or because they know someone who uses them and likes them. If you are considering buying an ionizer for your home and/or your business, the health information here may help you make an informed decision.

What is a Water Ionization Filter? Although an ionizing water filter may start out cleansing your water like other water filters you may have read about or already have in your home, it does not stop there. This particular type of water filter is not to be confused with an ordinary water filter since it serves a different purpose.

It is what happens after that initial filtering, thru the use of activated carbon, that makes an ionizer different. A water ionization filter, through the processes that occur after initial cleansing, provides water-altering benefits ordinary filters do not< provide. Beneficial changes to ph levels and oxygen levels result from the ionization process. Read more about the benefits below.

What are the health benefits associated with ionized water? The benefits of mico-structured water result from water being changed, or altered by the process of ionization. Put in scientific terms, this means that it changes H20, the normal chemical description of water, to )H- or +HO. Please don't ask me what those terms mean but the result is that the ph level of the water, and the oxygen level of the water, are both changed in what are considered to be very beneficial ways.

Another thing that changes with the ionization process is that the surface tension of the water becomes lower. This is considered a beneficial alteration also because it helps make water easier to absorb and utilize by our body. Water that has been altered with an alkaline water ionizer imparts benefical results when eaten with food or when food is cooked in it. Food just tastes better due to the balanced ph levels.

Regular use of alkaline water helps one to choose healthier foods because their taste preferences change when ph levels within the body are kept alkaline. Many regular users of alkaline water report that losing weight is far easier for them than ever before.

As far as I've been able to determine, there have been no reported studies of note that would definitely prove the health benefits of alkaline water in the scientific community. However, it is a well known fact that people who drink alkaline water long term quite often also report significant changes in their health, including even chronic health problems such as skin disorders, MS, CFS, migraine headaches, arthritic conditions and many more.

Alkaline water appears to be equally beneficial for animals with reported benefits that include soft, shiny coats, one indicator of overall good health. When water is ionized, and alkaline water is produced, even what's left over is benefical but in very different ways. Acid Water, the left-over by-product of ionization, is NOT everfor internal use at all but provides additional benefical results when used externally.

Acid water may be helpful with skin complaints including eczema, and can also be used to gargle, on the hair as a rinse, or as an eyewash. Improvement in conditions where fungus is involved have also been reported by users of acid water, externally.

Comparing Alkaline Water to Tap Water Quality:
My personal two cents worth on tap water is I drink it. I just make sure I filter it for things that the municipal water department isn't required to filter out, such as chlorine, fluoride, heavy metals and pesticide/prescription drug residuals. I'd filter most bottled water exactly the same way. In fact, a lot of bottled water IS tap water. I use a Seychelle filter to reduce the chlorine and fluoride in it but confess that my ultimate goal is to get a Big Berkey.

I believe far too much chlorine and flouride is in most municipal drinking water. In addition, old homes may have lead pipes that leach heavy metals. Comparing tap water to ionized water, the first difference is that structure of hard tap water doesn't allow for cell penetration, to get all the benefits water provides us. Alkaline water can work at a cellular level for us. The beneficial negative oxygen ions that are so abundant in alkaline water, which help your body release acid residue, are introduced to the body through cellular penetration.

How big a problem is acidosis? According to Ira at Good Health Supplements, most Westerners are over-acidic. He says that even though you may not have been diagnosed with acidosis, you are probably more acidic than is healthy, most of the time. Contributors to this over-acid state include our stressful pace of living, the nutritional lack (and acid-overload) created by a junk food diet, and the prevalence of acid-producing foods in the average diet.

Testing acidity levels is very easy to do and can be accomplished by using ph test strips. When saliva or urine is placed on the strip, it will change color. Then, you just match the color you see to a chart that is included to see your current ph level.

While helpful, particularly when done over time, to establish patterns of ph fluctuation, ph testing with test strips is not a foolproof measurement. Your body is always in a state of balancing, and that includes ph levels.

Chemicals and Harmful Organisms Removed by Water Ionization:
It should be noted that not all ionizers are created equal. Assuming you get a good ionizer from a reputable company, you can expect that the following will be removed from your water:



Parasites (cysts)

Radioactive particulates



Waterborne flu viruses


Water ionization is a remarkable, easy, and inexpensive way to prevent disease, add to your good health, and retard aging.

Health Care Disclaimer: The information contained in this article on water purification through ionization is not intended to take the place of personal medical advice from your health care professional. In considering how best to insure healthy drinking water for yourself and your family, please surf the internet and read about all the options available, including water ionization systems.