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All About Water Ionizers
How they Work; Health Benefits

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Frequently Asked Questions About Water Ionizers / alkaline water benefits

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All you ever wanted to know about Ionizers but didn't know who to ask

This article, copyright, Ira Marxe of Good Health Supplements,, foreword by N J Howell

Ionized water is different. Many swear by it for vitality and wellness improvement that can be felt within days of drinking it. However, there isn't a lot of straight-forward information out there (at least that I have read) that answers all the questions a person might have about alkaline water, acid water and the ionization process. The idea of installing an ionization unit may seem daunting. However, when you have the answers to all your questions, adding a home ionizer becomes easier to consider. I hope this page gives you those answers. My sincere thanks to Ira Marxe for sharing this important water filtration information at the Ask a Healer Wellness Library.

Frequently Asked Questions About Water Ionizers:

1. What is so unique about Water Ionizers?
The Water Ionization Filter is far, far more than just a filter. Initially, the filter functions effectively using silver activated granulated carbon to purify incoming water, just like 99% of household filter systems. What separates the ionizer from ordinary water filters or magnetic devices are 3 important additional benefits:

Health Benefits? - The alteration to the water molecules (H2O to OH- + HO) creates changes in the physical characteristics of the output alkaline water (change in pH, oxygen content, lower surface tension, radical ions) and Japanese studies have shown significant health benefits.

Unlike devices that filter through magnetic rock, or pre-bottled chemicals-added water, it uses its own microcomputer to accurately control the rate of pH and REDOX (antioxidant quality) output.

Additional Health Benefits Alkaline water ionizers improve the taste of food beyond that of normal filtered water. It very often allows users to modify their diet naturally and without stress." As the user's basic pH balance changes, so do the taste buds.

Weight loss is a common free bonus of drinking from alkaline Water Ionizers. It has also shown a major effect on many teenagers' lifestyles, preventing obesity and type 2 diabetes.

Users commonly report major health changes, especially for chronic conditions including skin complaints, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Multiple Sclerosis, Migraine, arthritis and many more.

It is very good for pets in helping them prevent developed diseases and great for their coats." It will be soft and shiny.

The byproduct from making alkaline water is acid astringent water." This acid water is beneficial for skin complaints, may be used as a hair rinse, eye wash, gargle, and for mild antibacterial cleansing. Users have also reported excellent results for fungus and eczema.

2. How long have Water Ionizers been on the market?
Water Ionizers have been available in the orient for over forty years and in the United States for about 10 years." They were popularized in Japan and began to become somewhat common there around the mid 1980's. Millions of Asian and American families now use this amazing, proven product. Way back in 1992, for instance, 130,000 domestic ionizers were sold in Japan alone. This ionization concept is also used in industrial applications. Our manufacturer has been providing the best quality ionizers for 20 years." They not only hold patents from the USA, Germany, Japan, Mainland China and Taiwan, but also have received worldwide recognition." In Korea, water ionizers have been approved by the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare

As the United Nations proclaimed this the Decade of Water (2005-2014), the importance of quality, functional water is growing in our country." Along with this growth in awareness will be the rise of popularity of water ionizers." Our Water Ionizers will lead the market with the best quality and most convenient functions.

3. Why is ionization expensive?
When compared with other units on the market, our alkaline water ionizers are the least expensive with the best quality. Further, compared to bottled water solutions, it is both economical and environmentally acceptable. If you drank only 2 liters of bottled water a day (not nearly enough water), at only $.89/liter, this would equal $649.70 in bottled water per year." Over the 10 year expected life span of an ionizer, bottled water would cost you $6,497.

4. What goes on inside of a Water Ionizer?
It is really a simple process called electrolysis, or ionization, something your body has to do every day to make energy available. It is backed up by the high tech ability of micro-circuitry to maintain quality and regular output, plus the ability, through ionization, to remove harmful chemicals and retain beneficial minerals. This is why Sang Whang, author of "Reverse Aging" calls it REVERSE AGING WATER.

A custom designed motherboard controls all aspects of the process of ionization, while the LCD screen displays the current settings including flow rate, water temperature, filter life, four high pH levels, two low pH levels, neutral water output and the ORP level

5. Does it matter what the electrodes on a Water Ionizer are composed of?

The electrodes are one of the most important components of a Water Ionizer. It is sometimes suggested that there are units on the market that have stainless steel electrodes and this simply is not the case. All Water Ionizers currently manufactured have titanium electrodes that have been dipped in platinum, which is one of the biggest costs of a Water Ionizer. It is important to note that the electrodes are coated with platinum, not electroplated with it.

6. Will my Ionizer fit my kitchen tap?
Your water ionizer comes with an adapter kit which will fit most traditional outlets but will not fit some of the designer taps which have pull out handles with a flexible hose. If you have any questions, call to discuss your faucet set up.

7. Is an ionizaton unit easy to install?
It is actually very simple and far simpler than a DVD player! You attach the sturdy diverter valve to your faucet, attach the supplied hose to the diverter, and the other end to the inlet valve. Another hose attaches to the ionizer to allow the astringent (acid) water out of the Filter. Plug it in and drink!" Detailed photo instructions come with each Water Ionizer.

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8. How do I get my ordinary tap water once it's attached?
The diverter has a lever which directs your water flow from the tap water faucet to the Ionizer. It also has an incorporated aerator for your tap water.

9. Can this type of water filtration system go under my counter?
Some have installed Water Ionizers under the kitchen sink counter. Remember that it needs somewhere for the acid water to flow to. It can go into the dishwasher inlet on the S-bend, but it is valuable water and you'll probably want to keep it for use on your skin, hair, plants or for cleaning." The Water Ionizer can even easily install in a mobile home." Keep in mind that you will want to change pH levels, so you do want easy access to the unit. As another option, Water Ionizers can be mounted on the wall.

10. Why can't I just drink tap water?
You CAN just drink tap water and you will harvest some of the benefits we speak of, but it still can't penetrate your cells like alkaline, ionized water, and this is why ionized water with its bounty of negative oxygen ions is able to rid you of acid wastes in the cells. It can go where ordinary water cannot, and it has the ammunition to neutralize free radicals, the cause of cancer and aging. This is also the fundamental difference between water ionizers and so-called bottled anti-aging water. This water is 'live'.

11. Why do different Water Ionizers come with different levels of intensity?

A Water Ionizer should have at least 4 levels of intensity to choose from, plus neutral water. This is mainly because Ionized Water is extremely detoxifying and people who have toxins built up in their system can suffer reactions such as headaches or diarrhea. This is especially true of the elderly because they often have built up many toxins in their bodies over the years. It is also true for those who have a very poor diet or have taken a lot of medicine. Having 4 levels simply offers the convenience of more levels of strength to choose from, thus allowing people to build their tolerance for Ionized Water more slowly if they wish or need to.

12. How do I know if I have acidosis or an acid-overloaded system?
Most Westerners do have some level of acidosis. The pace of life, the state of our foods, the concentration of acid-producing items in our diet means that 99% of people are overloaded.

You can use a litmus urine or saliva test to give you some idea of your acidity. This is not foolproof, however, because your body is always attempting to balance your acid and alkaline levels and could well be getting rid of a load of acid at the time of the test. It pays to look at your diet. With your order you will receive a list of alkaline and acid forming foods that will help you overcome the acid overload in your body. More about acidosis and healthy ph balance.

13. Why is some water healthier than others?
People located in the Hunza Districts of Pakistan, Shin-Chan areas of China, the Caucasus in Azerbaijan, and in the Andes Mountains live longer with less health problems. Researchers believe that these waters are very pure and have a negative redox potential caused by either intimate contact with certain native volcanic materials/minerals or by cascading over certain igneous rocks. It is believed that Water Ionizers are able to produce the same effect.

14. What maintenance do water ionizers require?
They don't require any with the exception of changing the filter approximately once a year." The LCD readout tells you when the filter needs to be changed." All of the models we carry have an automatic self cleaning alert every 12 hours. An LED light blinks until the unit is turned on for use, then the electrodes reverse polarity creating acid water on the alkaline side and visa versa." This cleans off any mineral residue that may have accumulated on the electrodes since the last cleaning." The actual cleaning cycle takes about 30 seconds.

15. Do all Water Ionizers have a silver impregnated carbon filter? "
All continuous flow Home Water Ionizers on the market have a carbon filter. The carbon in the filter is silver impregnated in order to retard bacterial growth. The silver that is impregnated in the carbon will NOT leach into the water. Every major manufacturer of carbon filters in the US produces carbon filters with silver impregnation. There are no Water Ionizers currently manufactured that use arsenic in their filters as has been suggested.

16. What about hard water areas or other detrimental substances?
Some very hard water may require a pre-filter. You can also add pre-filters to remove specific substances, such as fluoride and arsenic." We plan to make these types of filters available to you.

17. What are some of the more harmful organisms and chemicals removed from water by the our Water Ionizer?
Chlorine & Trihalomethanes, Suspended solids, Cryptosporidium, Parasites (cysts), Waterborne flu virus E-coli, Suspended solids, Organic compounds, Bacteria and Radioactive particulates.

18. What is the advantage of having UV light on a water filtration unit? "

The purpose of UV light is for bacterial disinfection. However, on a Water Ionizer this is completely unnecessary for several reasons. If you have city (municipal) water then your water has already been disinfected through the use of chlorine. The carbon filter on the Water Ionizer will remove the chlorine. The UV light itself loses much of its effectiveness after the first six months of use and should be replaced often, which is of course an expensive proposition. Also, the glass tube that the water travels through in order that it can be exposed to the UV light develops a film on it after only a few months, which greatly lessens the effectiveness of the UV light on the water which passes through the tube.

19. Do Water Ionizers remove fluoride from the water as some have claimed?"
There have been statements made regarding Water Ionizers removing fluoride from municipal water. Water Ionizers cannot remove anything from the water. To Ionize means simply to gain or loose an electron. The amount and type of minerals that are present in the water before ionization is the same after ionization, however some amount of certain minerals remain in the alkaline side and the acid side. In every test we are aware of, no more than 50% of the fluoride in the water was removed from the alkaline side to the acidic side. This means that half but not all of the fluoride in the Ionized Water, after ionization, had migrated to the acidic side of the ionization process which runs into the drain. However, it must be clearly stated that the ionization of the water does NOT completely remove fluoride from the Ionized Water on the alkaline side.

20. What kind of warranty do they have?

Warranty terms vary from one type of system to another. We offer a one year warranty on all Ionizer models. We will repair or replace any part which, in our opinion, is defective during this time. This warranty is voided if the unit has been subjected to tampering, alteration, or improper use after delivery or has been repaired by anyone other than an authorized representative of Good Health Supplements.

21. Will you still be in business 5 years from now?

This is a good question to ask. The manufacturer and its subsidiaries, have been in the water products business since 1992." They are passionate about bringing the benefits of ionized water to as many people as they can through their distributors, and believe, as has been demonstrated through increased sales, that the popularity of Water Ionizers will continue to grow." We at Good Health Supplements recognized the importance of Water Ionizers for good health and look forward to growing with them

22. What exactly is Ionized Water? "
Ionization simply means to gain or lose an electron. Water that has been ionized becomes either alkaline or acidic, meaning that the pH has been adjusted up or down.

Alkaline water is full of Hydroxyl ions. This is the water we drink that has many Health Benefits of Alkaline Water.

Acidic water is full of Hydrogen ions. This is water that we apply only to the outside of our body. It is also great for plant growth. Health Benefits of Acidic Water

23. How does the Water Ionizer produce ionized water? "
Water is run over positive and negative electrodes, which ionizes the water. It is then separated into alkaline and acidic water as it passes through membranes. It accomplishes this by repelling the water now that it has been "charged" into positive and negative ions.

24. Why should I drink Ionized Water? "ps. from Ask a Healer Webmaster; This FAQ was so lengthy that I've moved it to it's own separate page.

Please click here for why you should drink ionized water

25. How does Ionized Water taste compared with conventional water? "
A common remark regarding the taste of Ionized Water is that it tastes smoother than conventional water. This is because of the molecule cluster size and shape. Since it is small and regular shaped, it feels smooth because it is. It also does not fill you up and bloat you the way conventional water can do if you drink a lot of it at once.

26. How Long does Ionized Water stay Ionized?"
The Antioxidant (hydroxyl ions) will last approximately 18 to 24 hours. The Higher pH (alkaline properties) will last approximately 7 to 14 days. The smaller molecule cluster size will last approximately 30 to 90 days.

27. Does Ionized Water have any negative effects? "
Absolutely none, as long as it is used properly. Only the alkaline water should be consumed. NEVER DRINK THE ACIDIC WATER. The manufacturer states they have never seen a single negative effect from Ionized Water, either alkaline or acidic, as long as it is used properly.

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28. Who should drink it? "
Anyone and Everyone, young and old, human or animal. It is beneficial to some degree to nearly everyone and everything it comes in contact with.

29. How should I start drinking it? "
Start out slow at level one, drinking 1-3 glasses per day. If the water agrees with you, increase the amount you drink and the level of Ionization intensity. The stronger, the better, but take your time in building up to the higher levels. The antioxidant is most powerful on the high levels. You will of course experience more energy at the higher levels, but the fresher the ionized Water is, the stronger these properties are. The detoxification is STRONG and unmistakable. However, it only lasts a short time.

30. Can it be used commercially? "
Yes, in innumerable ways. In the dairy industry with live stock, and healthier, faster growing crops, etc. All this is now being demonstrated, albeit slowly, to these industries. The Alkaline Ionized Water should be fed to the animals. The Acidic Ionized Water will benefit the crops, as well as the livestock in that it will help keep a much lower mortality rates and cleaner environment, keeping in mind the acidic water retards bacteria and bacterial growth. Tests are underway in various industries demonstrating the positive effects of Ionized Water but they are still in their infancy.

31. How does Ionized Water affect athletes? "
In an extremely positive way, as you might expect. Blood oxygen levels will rise in varying amounts with regular use of strong Ionized Water. This increases stamina, endurance and provides the muscles tissue and organs with high amounts of oxygen which the human body often lacks, even in athletes because of inadequate diets." If Professional and amateur sports were to ever discover this, it would eventually become one of the most established benefits to athletes everywhere. That will happen, but acceptance of Ionized Water will take time.

32. Why should I buy a Water Ionizer? "
It is best to drink freshly ionized water for its full wellness promoting benefits. You cannot buy bottled water with the qualities of freshly ionized water." Further, compared to bottled water solutions, it is both economical and environmentally acceptable. If you drank only 2 liters of bottled water a day (not nearly enough water), at only $.89/liter, this would equal $649.70 in bottled water per year." Over the 10 year expected life span of an ionizer, bottled water would cost you $6,497.

To have Acidic Water on hand 24 hours a day is worth the price of the Ionizer alone. Once you have begun to use it and take advantage of its incredible properties, you will know that you have made the right decision to purchase one."

So there you have it, a remarkable, easy, and inexpensive way to prevent disease, add to your good health, and retard aging."

To your alkalized good health and longevity."

Ira Marxe

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If under a doctor's care, check with doctor before adding anything new to your diet or health regime. Be wise with your health.