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Strong Acid Water Benefits
Not for Internal Use AT ALL

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Strong Acidic Ionized Water Benefits

This information is part of a wholistic health series on alkaline and acid water benefits by , sourced by materials from Good Health Supplements. Additional Water Articles

While alkaline water benefits are most widely discussed and known, there are different benefits from using both mildly acidic water and strongly acidic water. The most important thing to remember, whether using the mildly acidic ionized water or strong acid water, is that acid water is FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY.

This page covers benefits for using strongly acidic water externally.

External uses for acid water include cleaning, stopping odors and keeping your kitchen more sanitary by halting the growth of bacteria and fungus. Please click here to review Benefits of Mild Acidic Ionized Water

Benefits of STRONG Acidic Ionized Water - External Use Only - Do Not Drink
Content copyright, Good Health Supplements

Kills bacteria on contact.
Quickly washes and disinfects kitchen counters and cutting boards.
Wash vegetables, fruits, meats and fish with acid water to kill bacteria.
Baked on foods, stains and burns in pots and pans are easily removed when soaked in strong acidic water overnight.
Rinse dishcloths and sponges to stop odors, fungal and bacterial growth.
Eliminate odors that remain on the hands after cooking, such as fish odors.
Excellent kitchen cleaning agent - dirt and grime are easily removed.
Effectively polishes and cleans mirrors, eyeglasses, glass and knives.
Wash cars, bicycles, motorcycles to remove dirt more easily.
Great for car, truck or boat batteries.

This information is the copywritten material ofIra Marxe at Good Health Supplements

Good Health Supplements has more information about this subject on their website, as well as the one ionizer they recommend after having fully researched the subject.

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Health Disclaimer: Many of the stories of benefit from use of alkaline or acidwater are ancedotal. Having said that, the above properties are widely noticed among those who use an ionizer to create acid water for external use.

Acid water benefits do not replace any needed medical attention for health conditions sometimes helped by external use of acidic ionized water.

If under a doctor's care, check with doctor before adding anything new to your diet or health regime. Be wise with your health. Be wise with your health.