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Reverse Osmosis Water Filters
vs Ionized Water System

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This is part of a wellness focus article, featuring information on water filter systems called ionizers, which create alkaline water and acid water. In part one, we talked about water pollution and the importance of keeping ph levels alkaline for good health. Please read part one for a better understanding. In this section, we take a look at reverse osmosis as a water filtration choice and how it compares to using a water ionizer for pure water.

If you'd like to know more, here's an article about how reverse osmosis works but I warn you, this may make your hair hurt.

Is Reverse Osmosis Better Than Ionization? According to Good Health Supplements, an ionization system is better than a reverse osmosis water filter system because the process of reverse osmosis makes water acidic, which is not good for internal consumption and also depletes minerals. A primary reason ionized water is considered more healthy than other forms is that ionized water will hydrate your body more quickly and efficiently than tap water or bottled water.

When seen under a microscope, water molecules show up as clusters --- fourteen to fifteen water molecules to a cluster. When you ionize the water, the clusters become much smaller in size, only 5 water molecules to a cluster. The smaller molecular clusters enable your body to absorb this water much more quickly and efficiently. Considering that most people walk around 30% to 40% dehydrated, this difference is of major importance in bringing your body into pH balance to restore and maintain good health.

In addition, there are no filtered tap waters or bottled spring waters, nor even bottled ionized water (if you can find it), which can compare with the multitude of benefits of freshly filtered ionized water. (Stored bottled ionized water will deteriorate over time.) Unfortunately, the quality of drinking water we get from our reservoirs and wells is slowly poisoning most of us to death. Also, and almost equally as important, is the fact that it is not possible for us to acquire acid water, which has so many additional exceptionally healthy benefits for our body, except from a water ionizer. Water plays the single most important role in our lives in achieving and maintaining good health, avoiding rapid aging, and development of so many debilitating conditions.

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Health Disclaimer: Pure water supports the body's ability to heal itself. However, water is not being presented as replacement for needed medical attention or evaluation....on the other hand, I wouldn't try going without it for very long.