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Alkaline Water Benefits
Health Impact of Ionized Water

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The Health Impact of Drinking Alkaline Water

portions by N J Howell

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Good Water Ionizers

This is part two of a wholistic health article about the importance of drinking pure water. It covers information on water filter systems called ionizers and alkaline water benefits. In part one, we talked about water pollution and the importance of proper ph levels in maintaining good health. Please read part one for a better understanding. In this section, we take a look at some of the health benefits associated with drinking ionized water.

Want to read the absolute worst assessment of the benefits of alkaline water? There is one website, in particular, which seems to take extreme glee in calling alkaline water snake oil on tap. I include it here more for humor than education. an opposing view - is alkaline water snake oil?. My personal favorite audacious statement is that "body ph is a meaningless concept". Too funny. I'd just say try alkaline water, see if the benefits below occur in your case, and make your determination based on results.

Alkaline Water Benefits and Health-Boosting Effects
This information, copyright, Good Health Supplements

Here is a list of benefits you will achieve when you (1) drink, cook and prepare beverages with ionized water, and (2) use the acid water. Also listed are the benefits that will help keep your dog or cat healthier as well:

The Internal Benefits of
Micro-structured Alkaline Water (for internal use):

* Most users report a lot more clarity of mind and energy, due to the extra oxygen ionized water supplies
* Micro-structured water attacks free radicals through powerful antioxidant properties
* Helps to keep your body ph levels balanced
* Micro-structured water helps with losing weight
* Effective hydration helps your skin look healthier and the body detox easier
* Better absorption of nutrients from foods you eat
* Better eliminatory health

Acid Water Benefits (for external use):
* Helps reduce wrinkles and helps fade age spots
* Used as a rinse for the hair and body, acid water provides a silky smoothness
* Helps to relieve the aggravation of dry and itchy skin, chapped skin and eczema too
* Acid water rinse is healing for rashes, acne, wounds, blisters and fungal infections
* Removes tooth plaque when used to brush teeth
* Helps to sooth sore throats and mouth sores, when gargled

continue.....FAQ's about Micro-Structured Water

Health Disclaimer: If under a doctor's care, check with doctor before adding anything new to your diet or health regime. Be wise with your health. Pure water supports the body's ability to heal itself. Micro-structured water offers the added benefit of maintaining an alkaline ph within the body. However, water is not being presented as replacement for needed medical attention or evaluation....on the other hand, I wouldn't try going without water for very long.