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As a wellness counselor, I've long recognized the benefits of keeping the ph levels at their natural, slightly alkaline levels. Somewhere along the way I realized that the one thing everyone on earth consumes is water and that there was a vast difference between tap water and filtered water, in terms of not only purity but also for keeping ph levels balanced. Alkaline water provides a way to help the body keep it's natural alkaline ph and I like the way my body feels when I drink it.

If you are not aware of the current state of the world water supply, please search for articles on water pollution at University of Michigan's website. The topics include the impact of pollution on our Great Lakes and pollution solution policies.

Ionized Water Benefits:
Medical studies show that alkaline ionic water has the most powerful antioxidant properties, better than vitamins A, C, E, beta carotene and selenium, which improves your body's defense against disease. Ionized water also has a detoxing effect on the body systems so many people notice better elimination with alkaline water.

An ionizer is more than a water filter; it is a special type of water system that changes the structure of water to an ionized state. It is this ionized state that is reported to create so many healthy benefits for users.

The theory is that degenerative disease is the result, at least in large part, to an acidic body. In other words, when someone's ph levels stay acidic too long, disease and aging happen. I have some personal beliefs around that. Even though our bodies has their own internal ways of balancing ph levels, they were never designed to carry the acidic load the modern diet dumps into them. Our typical diet today is so high in acid-producing foods that I believe our bodies cannot stay balanced.

Experiencing the alkaline water difference usually convinces most people. As alkaline water gently detoxes and restores normal ph levels, most experience less joint pain and more energy. Try alkaline ionic water for a week and see if you don't feel better. I drink alkaline water myself but not all the time because I also eat sprouts, drink herbal teas and eat alkaline foods so I don't always need extra alkaline help. I have used water additives that turn water alkaline (Willard Water and Water Oz, for example) as well as drinking Kangen Water and other types of alkalinized water. Typically, I will drink about half alkaline water and half regular purified water.

Acid water on your face?

That sounds not so great, eh? Putting acid water on your skin....yet, the benefits are numerous. For those who may never had heard the term "acid water", it just refers to water with an acid ph, not water with some kind of acid-based additive. There is a lot of study that suggests water with an acid ph is beneficial for external application. I'm including information on both for your educational research.

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Water Purification Disclaimer: Although it is quite evident that pure water is getting to be a rare commodity on our planet, the choice to ionize your water is a personal one and should be researched fully. The information provided here, on alkalinizing water filtration is educational only and not meant as replacement for any health challenges that may need attention.

Check with doctor before adding anything new to your health regimen, if you are under a doctor's care. It is the belief of this author that every home needs some sort of water purification system in place, due to the high level of pollutants in our water supply.