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Suggested Water Ionizers for generating alkaline water or acid water, for the health benefits of both.

Enjoy the health benefits of ionization! If you've priced ionizers you know they aren't cheap. I checked on amazon and found a couple of the less expensive models that looked good. I've included links to them to your left.

Why Ionize?
According to Good Health Supplements, over 50 million Americans drink water from municipal water supplies containing potentially dangerous levels of chloro- and fluoro-chemicals, lead, fecal bacteria, as well as pesticides and other impurities associated with cancer and metabolic dysfunction.

Americans who drink tap water are also consuming chlorine on a daily basis because, in order to sterilize tap water, chlorine is added to municipal water. This creates organic chloride and its derivatives in the running water. Chlorine is a poison and a known carcinogen. Ionization helps remove toxins from the body.

NOTE FROM NEVA: Why not switch to bottled water?
I'm not an advocate of turning to bottled water. In fact, tap is probably cleaner in some cases because there still is really not a lot of regulation as to what bottled water may contain. Bottled water is more expensive and then there's the bottle itself that must be continually recycled. In addition, some bottled water is still sold in bottles that leach BPA over time. Finally, look at the way bottled water is displayed at convenience stores. I see it a lot of times, right out in direct sunlight. Not good. If you are going to use bottled water, look for BPA-free plastic and avoid water that is displayed outside in sunlight.

Even with eco-friendly bottles that is still a lot of energy to waste just recycling bottles over and over. Add to this the fact that companies like Nestle' literally pull water out from under people hundreds of miles away from land Nestle' owns and their own CEO has basically said that people have no right to drinking water. I have boycotted all Nestle' products for years, not just their bottled water. If you must use bottled water, I'd strongly recommend NOT using Nestle' because they are putting our future water needs at risk with their behaviors.

Rather than bottled water, consider using the tap water but filtering it with a very good filter that takes out the harmful contaminants, including chlorine. If you want ionized water there are lots out there online. For personal use, consider Seychelle or a Big Berkey.. I've used Seychelle Filters for years so I can personally recommend Seychelle water filters if you prefer something portable and do not want to filter contaminants like chlorine, pesticide residuals and other common contaminants but not radiation particles.

The Seychelle Radiological Family Filter also filters radiation particles and flouride. Fukushima is still leaking tons of radiated water into the ocean from Japan every day. The news says nothing. As of Feb. 2016, Tepco has not contained the leak. Increased radiation levels are seen across the ocean in Los Angeles now.

I am not an alarmist but it just makes good sense to me, to have some kind of radiological filter. Even if I don't use it right now, I like having it on hand. Another reason I choose the Seychelle radiological filter is that it effectively filters about 90% of the glyphosate in water. I live in the heartland of the south. Round up is sprayed profusely around here and ends up in ground supply water. If your bottled water is sourced in the south, it may contain glyposate residual as well.

Do your research when buying a water ionizer. There are a lot available. Expect to pay about $500 for a true ionizer unit like Air Water Life and between $50 and $100 a decent tabletop ionizer pitcher

Health Care Disclaimer: Ionized water is not presented as substitute for any needed medical attention to address health challenges. If under a doctor's care, check with doctor before adding anything new to your diet or health regime. Be wise with your health. Please follow instructions exactly to create the proper alkaline water balance when using any ionizer. Some people report a healing crisis when first switching to alkaline water. I personally drink about half-akaline and half just filtered.

For tabletop water filtration, Ask a Healer Recommends
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