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Ausome Water Product Review
Energetically Enhanced Spiritual Tool

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Alright, Au Wa! Energetized Water is Awesome! Product Review - Ausome Water Lives Up to It's Name!

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Ausome Water Review

Please note this review is from when the product was called Ausome Water. Since then, it has been reformulated and several versions exist. I have not tried the new versions but am told by Keith Perry that they are stronger than the Ausome Water version I tried when I wrote this review. Update on ausome water

7 Days with Ausome Water:
2nd Day on Au Wa

3rd Day on Ausome Water

4th Day on Ausome Water

5th Day on Ausome Water

6th Day on Ausome Water

7th Day on Ausome Water

Some time back, I received an energized water called Ausome Water (I call it Au Wa for short), along with a few of the other energized products offered by Keith Perry. I decided to try the products for one week and write a review on my experience within that week. It's important to note that I had specific spiritual intent when using these energized water products. I had a focus on physical health and also on financial health and spiritual direction for the next phase of my life. I feel the Ausome Water helped with all of my intentions.

By the way, there is a company selling water filters and the name of that company is Awesome Water. As far as I know, these are entirely different companies and all Keith Perry sells is the Ausome Water supplement that I'm reviewing here.

1st Day on Ausome Water:
Initially, I took 3 drops in 16 ounces of water. From that first dose, my body definitely responded favorably to Au Wa. I wanted more. I drank almost the entire bottle and had a definite sense of hydration happening at a cellular level. I enjoyed it very much.

Within 30 minutes, I was noticably sleepy so I laid down and went into a deep, deep sleep for about an hour. The sleep was so deep that I had difficulty waking up. I am not normally able to sleep during the day so this was quite notable for me, personally, to fall into such deep sleep in the early afternoon. I don't know how long I would have slept if I had not been wakened by a phone call. The phone call was for a spiritual consultation by phone, which meant income. I had not had a phone session in weeks so this also was notable timing.

Later that day I got an email from someone considering renting my house. I also had not gotten any response to that offer so it certainly appeared as if things were moving in my life now in a way they had not been before. I noted a feeling of calm too and my sense of spiritual surrender became stronger. The state of spiritual surrender is something I've been striving toward, releasing my need to control the way abundance and direction come to me and letting God work in whatever way is best for my life.

I took 3 drops in 16 ounces of water again and then filled a 3rd bottle with 3 drops as I went to bed. (I always keep a bottle of water by my bed, to sip if I wake in the night.) I probably drank about 1/3 of that third bottle during the night. I slept very well, though still woke off and on as I normally do through the night.

Important Note: I need to say here that that's a very big dose, particularly if just starting on the water. Keith recommends starting with just one drop in 16 ounces if you are energetically sensitive. I tend to push the envelope but that approach is not for everyone and can have repercussions as you will read on the 3rd and 6th day of my experience.

Ausome Water Name and Formula Change - Read Update
This is a pricy supplement. $60 bucks plus shipping. For me, it would be well worth the money but I'd recommend going to the website and getting an energetic feel for whether it's right for you at this time in your spiritual evoluationary path. I personally plan to order again when funds are available to do so. I'd love to try the Power version, for example. Keith did not have that available when I first reviewed the product years ago.

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Health Disclaimer: Ausome Water is a spiritual tool, energetically enhanced and activated. It is not represented as curing or healing anything but as supporting the energetic intention in a way that may help the body, in it's natural wisdom, to come into a greater state of balance and alignment.

Ausome Water / Awesome Drops Reviewed by Neva Howell. Energized Water Review My experience with energized water.