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The Science Behind Sodium Chlorite / MMS
A Doctor on Miracle Mineral Supplement

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Is MMS a scam? Is there any science behind the MMS formula being promoted by Jim Humble?

This is part of a series by about a product called Miracle Mineral Supplement. Recently, the FDA has issued a warning about using MMS and the online forums are abuzz with both good, bad and indifferent reports. What to believe? Is Miracle Mineral Supplement just the latest alternative medicine scam or is there any evidence to suggest it may have valid medicinal properties?

The most scientific site I could find is also the most tedious for me to wade thru. It is written by a doctor, researching the properties of chlorine dioxide, which is what MMS creates when activated. If science, research and documentation are very important to you, this doctor's compilation of reports and research may help with substantiating the scientific validity of considering MMS as a viable health supplement. A Doctor's Take on Sodium Chlorite and Chlorine Dioxide:
MD Thomas Hesselink has produced what may be the most comprehensive collection of scientific research about chorine dioxides and sodium chlorite. >Since Jim Humble first discovered the healing properties of MMS when using it to treat malaria, this research by Dr. Hesselink may be of interest to those wanting to know if there is any real evidence that MMS works on pathogens in the body.

One of the most significant sentences on Dr. Hesselinks website, for me, was this one:

"At low concentrations chlorine dioxide (ClO2) has been shown to kill many types of bacteria [14a-14j], viruses [15a-15L] and protozoa [16a-16f]. "

That sentence interests me personally because of the argument that MMS cannot kill viruses. Apparently, it can kill viruses as well as bacteria, in addition to killing parasites such as those that cause malaria.

Another very interesting sentence in this report is this one:

Acidified sodium chlorite is FDA approved as a spray in the meat packing industry to sanitized meat. [20a-20g] This can also be used to sanitize vegetables and other foods.

If the principal resulting ingredient formed in the making of activated MMS, sodium chlorite, is already FDA-approved to be applied directly to our food supply, to foods most of us eat every single day, how can it then be called toxic to consume?

Prescription drugs are toxic, if taken at too high a dose. Does that keep the FDA from allowing them to be prescribed at all? Hardly.

This type of scientific website, with the tons and tons of research documentation references, makes my hair hurt. However, it is necessary to provide at least some rebuttal to the FDA supposition that MMS is dangerous and should be removed from the market entirely as a health supplement. For more information on the scientific view, please visit:

On The Mechanisms Of Toxicity Of Chlorine Oxides Against Malarial Parasites - An Overview By Thomas Lee Hesselink, MD

Though many online companies no longer carry MMS due to the FDA warning about it, the ingredients for making MMS for purposes of water purification are still available. MMS water purification drops and citric acid activator information.
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Health Disclaimer: Miracle mineral supplement is not presented here as any replacement for medical attention, evaluation and treatment. I feel there is adequate scientific evidence of health benefits to MMS that it should not just be categorically denied to the people by the FDA. I hope those who use it will self-regulate the information so that it does not become necessary for the FDA to take stronger measures until more evidence can be presented.