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My Experience with MMS and Citric Acid
Jim Humble's Master Mineral Supplement

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Miracle / Master Mineral - Chlorine Dioxide Supplement for Detoxing - Is MMS Safe?


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The science behind MMS

How I've used MMS

FDA Alert - I cannot advise on using MMS, whatsoever. I share some personal experiences here, that's all. You should know that the The FDA says throw your MMS away. While I would not make the choice, personally, to take MMS in very high doses or longterm, myself and the FDA definitely part ways when the FDA calls it toxic and says don't take MMS at all. You should know that the FDA assertion that MMS turns into bleach is strongly contested by MMS discoverer Jim Humble. Read up online, gather all the infor you can and then, if you are willing to take responsibility for your health, you can make your own decision about MMS. Well, you can make it at least as long as the FDA lets you. This information is included so you may be more fully informed.

Jim Humble's MMS:
At first glance, I thought Miracle Mineral Supplement had the ring of a scam just because of the word "miracle". If I see something with that sort of name, my hype meter goes off. (Maybe that's why Jim Humble changed the name to "Master Mineral Supplement".) On the other hand, I understand a "miracle" is sometimes just a revealed universal law that was previously unrevealed. Because I know that, I am willing to at least entertain the idea that there could be results from a new discovery that could seem miraculous. Science doesn't know everything yet and neither does modern medicine. In any case, the name for this two-part activated formula is now Master Mineral Supplement or MMS for short. Please don't confuse this with MSM, an entirely different supplement in the sulfur family.

My main concern with the widespread use of MMS is lack of education about how it should be used. For example, just taking it at the same time as you consume caffeine-containing products can result in unnecessary physical discomfort (I found this out the hard way). If I were a person who had decided to try MMS, I would go to the Jim Humble website and read everything, I mean everything, about how to use Master Mineral Supplement. Also, I would educate myself fully on how to avoid side effects with MMS and MMS Safety.

My introduction to MMS:
I heard about Miracle Mineral Supplement (now called Master Mineral Supplement), or MMS, from a friend who had been researching it after her grandmother credited MMS with helping her get rid of a nasty case of springtail infestation on her head. Most people who have springtail infestation are diagnosed instead with a psychiatric disorder called delusory parasitosis which is just what it sounds like; they were told that the itching, biting and stinging sensations they were experiencing were imaginary.

There are still those who hold that it is impossible for springtail to infest a human even though there was a study of 20 people that proved otherwise. Skin scrapings from 18 of the 20 showed parsasitic infestation with springtails. If you've had a diagnosis of delusory parasitosis, you may want to read about this study on delusory parasitosis and springtails. In any case, since this is an "incurable" condition, it intrigued me that this friend personally knew someone who had apparently cured it, or at least all symptoms went away after using MMS.

I don't advocate taking the MMS internally, at high doses or longterm, but feel that baths with 10-15 drops of activated MMS (always activate, never use alone) in a tub of water would be something I'd probably be willing to try if I had springtails, morgellans or some other parasitic skin condition that does not respond to other methods of clearing.

In addition to the bug-killing potential of MMS, I was also interested in the heavy metal detoxing properties attributed to use of then-named Miracle Mineral Supplements, in particular mercury. I have amalgam fillings and hesitate to have them removed because an improper removal can result in a huge release of mercury into the system. I'm not sure who to trust with such a delicate operation.

I've read that cracked cell chlorella and this MMS formula can help the body detox itself, particularly of mercury from the tissues and I've decided to take both. In hindsight, I feel this was a mistake and put too strong a detox load on my body, taking both. The properties of the ingredients in MMS seem to include detoxing heavy metals but that doesn't mean this product can be presented as any type of heavy metals cleanse.

More on heavy metal detoxing here

What is Miracle Mineral Supplement?
MMS is the creation of a man named Jim Humble. There is a book about Jim Humble and his documentation of the use of Miracle Mineral Supplement for healing. You will find a very ominous statement there as well. Basically, Jim Humble has stated that if he goes missing or is dead, the book becomes public domain. I wonder if he feels he is in danger. It is very controversial subject matter, all right. Jim believes MMS will help the body cure anything.

I didn't really know what to believe about it yet but found enough information online to want to try it. I strated out taking one drop of activated MMS. To activate, I think I put three drops each of MMS and Citric Acid Activator in a full glass of water and then took one drop per day. I remember going up to three drops and getting a headache. I later determined, for sure, that I got that headache from taking the Master Mineral Supplement at the same time I was drinking coffee. Avoid acid foods and drinks to avoid this side effect. That's just one of the potential interactions I mention so make sure you read the sections on MMS side effects that I've linked near top of this article.

My body sense about MMS is that, for me, it is safe for topical use and I need to be cautious if taking internally. In general, I feel MMS to be safe prepared as directed and taken as directed. Most adverse results I've read about in my research were reported from people taking large doses several times a day. I would definitely follow the instructions in part two, to start low and increase very slowly the number of drops taken per day.

What's in Jim Humble's Miracle Cure?
MMS is a solution of sodium chlorite in distilled water. When mixed with the 50 percent solution of a citric acid activator, MMS solution becomes chlorine dioxide, which Jim Humble says is different from chlorine, with different properties. In other words, MMS is not bleach. Chlorine Dioxide has been used to purify water, including killing anthrax virus in water supplies. It will basically kill any pathogen with a ph level that acidic and that has a positive ion charge. It does not harm healthy, alkaline cells in the body. Many are reporting amazing results with the use of MMS. However, there are some important guidelines to insure you are taking it properly. Please read the important links near the top of this article for side effects and MMS safety.

Health Disclaimer: This article on MMS is educational in nature and not represented as any substitute for proper medical evaluation for health conditions you may have, including a suspected springtail infestation or the mental disorder known as delusory parasitosis. Be wise with your health and consult with the proper doctor or mental health professional in addition to researching any natural assistance that may be available.

Master Mineral Supplement Reviewed by Neva Howell. Review of Jim Humble's MMS My experience with chlorine dioxide.