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Miracle Mineral Supplement - My ongoing experience with Jim Humble's MMS


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This is part of an article on Miracle Mineral Supplement, a two-ingredient health supplement formula created by Jim Humble and used for detoxing and healing. In addition to this introduction about my own experiences and side effects of MMS, I have more specific information on some of the possible side effects while using MMS and tips on avoiding uncomfortable reactions when using Miracle Mineral Supplement.

FDA Alert - I cannot advise on using MMS, whatsoever except as a water purifier. I share some personal experiences here, that's all. You should know that the The FDA says MMS turns into bleach. MMS creator Jim Humble asserts it is not bleach. While I would not make the choice, personally, to take MMS in very high doses or longterm, myself and the FDA definitely part ways when the FDA calls it toxic and says don't take MMS at all. Read up online, gather all the infor you can and then, if you are willing to take responsibility for your health, you can make your own decision about MMS. Well, you can make it at least as long as the FDA lets you. This information is included so you may be more fully informed.

Before the principle ingredient in MMS began to be activated with citric acid by Jim Humble and used to successfully stop malaria, it was used (and is still used) for water purification. As far as I know, 28 percent sodium chlorite may be purchased for this type of use. And there's no law against purchasing 50% citric acid solution, as far as I know.

My Initial MMS Experience:
The initial results I had with MMS were quite impressive and positive, including sleeping like a baby thru the night which is very unusual for me and a very noticable reduction in joint pain even with the first use. Because the initial reaction was so marked and positive, I continued taking MMS, not realizing that taking it with caffeine was a no-no.

Why I stopped using Jim Humble's MMS every day:
After a few weeks on MMS I stopped using it every day. I just felt that long-term use of MMS (translating to using MMS beyond a week) began to have a counter-productive effect on my system. I got terrible headaches, not realizing the caffeine was causing them or that Vitamin C would quickly neutralize that problem. As mentioned on the side effects page, caffeine-containing products should not be consumed at the same time as MMS. However, there were other reasons I quit taking the MMS every day and eventually stopped using it internally (I still use it topically or in the bath occasionally).

I began to feel that my mineral balances were getting out of whack. That could be quickly corrected by electrolyte drinks. The bigger concern for me was that I felt my kidneys were beginning to get stressed. I had a similar reaction when I took liquid zeolite so it may be that I had some underlying kidney weakness. I just felt my body was telling me not to take MMS long-term.

The Miracle Mineral Supplement Bath:
One of my favorite ways to use the MMS is to mix a solution of about 10-15 drops and add to my bath water (I used to use 20-25 but that was too much for me). Really can tell that it helps my skin, helps with rashes, and just detoxifies at a skin level. The skin is our body's biggest eliminatory organ so soaking in the MMS provides for a lot of cleansing and detoxing in a short amount of time.

Before you drain the tub ... I read somewhere online that, when you finish your MMS bath, and before you drain the water, you should neutralize the MMS with Vitamin C. I'm not sure what the issue is ... maybe it kills bacteria in the septic tank that need to be there to do away with what's in a septic tank. Nuff said about that. By the way, Vitamin C is the way to neutralize MMS in your body too. If you ever feel nauseated or uncomfortable after taking MMS, drinking something with Vitamin C in it should quickly provide relief..

MMS and "Incurable Mange":
I also had almost unbelievable results when I gave MMS to a dog with a terrible type of mange that is practically incurable. It's called red mange, or some call it orange mange, and the treatments are very costly with no guarantee of success. This dog had red mange so badly that his head was just bald, raw and bleeding. The MMS got rid of it with only a couple of doses. Since this dog belonged to someone I knew did not have the money for vet care, I know for sure he had no other care for this condition at all. I have to believe the MMS stopped the mange.

The red mange came back months later, I think because the dog is very elderly and has a compromised immune system. However, even when it came back, it was far, far less invasive than before, only affecting one ear. I gave the dog a small dose of MMS just a couple more times after that. It's now been at least a year and, the last time I saw this dog, he still had no observable mange at all. Although his hair was thinning, the hair looked far more healthy than it had before. Kind of unbelievable but true.

Each person has to practice self-monitoring if they are choosing to self-treat and I just had to honor the feedback my body was giving me. I still have my MMS and will probably try it again internally. Til then, I mostly use MMS topically. For example, if I start getting a sore throat, I might activate 2 or 3 drops in a glass, add water and wash my lymph nodes with a wet paper towel. If you are considering using Miracle Mineral Supplement, be sure to read about possible side effects with MMS and also the first part of this series, about Miracle Mineral Supplement.

Health Disclaimer: All health articles in the Ask a Healer Wellness Library are educational in nature and this particular page only speaks of my own personal experience with MMS. You may have an entirely different experience. If you are under a doctor's care for any known condition, your doctor may advise against drinking water purified by the ingredients that make up MMS. Do not depend on articles here to replace needed medical evaluation or treatment. If you have an animal with orange mange / red mange, be sure to see your vet.