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Side effects of MMS
Minimizing Detox Discomfort

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Ask A Healer Side Effects Series

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Miracle Mineral Supplement / MMS Side Effects


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Please note: The FDA issued a warning about drinking water treated with activated sodium chlorite. Also, I am aware they are procecuting at least two people who sold it online. So... to be clear, Ask a Healer is not promoting or selling MMS. I have used it. I consider it a must for the first aid kit and if I ever found myself with no drinkable water, I wouldn't hesitate to use it as water purifier. Ancedotal claims abound and I've personally experienced some results with MMS but, that having been said, I am not a doctor and do not diagnose or prescribe. The information on this website is for educational purposes only.

This is part of an article on Miracle Mineral Supplement, a two-part formula created by Jim Humble and used for detoxing and healing. Here we discuss potential side effects and solutions. If you've reached this page directly, you may want to read part one for better understanding: Miracle Mineral Supplement Information. You may additionally want to read useful tips about how to avoid side effects with MMS. The main points I wanta make about MMS:




Side Effects of Taking MMS Supplement:
The user reports from those taking MMS are fairly amazing but, as with all ancedotal reports, it's important to keep in mind that dosage as well as other lifestyle choices may make one person's results very different than another. A very wide range of illnesses have reportedly showed improvement but MMS is being targeted by the FDA and will most likely never get studied as any type of medicine. It is, however, a remarkable water purification option so I keep it on hand, ALWAYS, for emergency water supply situations.

While Jim Humble's research has been mostly about malaria and later, AIDS, current users are reporting that MMS is alleviating symptoms from many other health challenges ranging from dandruff to cancer. The choice to become a church and declare MMS a sacrament of that church turned a lot of people off but I fully understand why Jim Humble may have made that choice. In addition to his copious documentation on maleria, in particular, I found online testimonials about MMs helping with genital herpes, lyme disease, psoriasis, springtail infestation, hepatitis C and more.

Along with all the good reports, there are quite a few from people who have experienced side effects of MMS, with the most common being nausea and dizziness. I had some of these side effects the very first time I took the Miracle Mineral Supplement, before the FDA warning and attempt to ban. I now know that I could have avoided the nauseated feeling I had by not taking MMS on an empty stomach and not drinking coffee or eating acidic foods right before or after taking the MMS.

In continuing my research on the formula, I found that there are ways to minimize the detoxing side effects and healing crisis that can sometimes accompany the use of this product. Even so, with any strong detox product, you run the risk of being thrown into a healing crisis. Whenever more toxicity is released than the body can process quickly, temporary detox symptoms such as aches, pains, fever and fatique can result. Learn more about how to detox without a healing crisis here. Learn about how to maximize your MMS experience, how to avoid some of the common side effects of MMS and how to evaluate the health benefits vs. the health risks.

Common Side Effects of MMS:
* Nausea
* Dizziness
* Diarrhea
* Vomiting
* Tooth Pain
* Itchy skin (used topically)
* Headaches
* Bloating

A note on headaches
Drinking coffee or eating high-acid foods before or right after taking MMS is a common reason headaches might occur. Should a headache occur after using it, drinking orange juice or something else with vitamin c in it will neutralize the MMS.

How to take MMS Safely and Effectively:
While it's possible that any strong detox formula can bring on a healing crisis, there are definitely ways to minimize the uncomfortable side effects of MMS and keep detoxing discomfort to a minimum as well. The most important tip with taking this supplement is to start low and work your way up. Jim Humble recommends starting with no more than 1 or 2 drops of activated MMS. The Miracle Mineral Supplement MUST be activated with citric acid (usually sold with the MMS) and NEVER to be taken in undiluted form. If you have a very serious health challenge, the instructions suggest starting with only 1/2 drop of activated MMS per day.

More Important Tips to Avoid Side Effects and Stop Nausea:
1. Do NOT take MMS on an empty stomach. Eat something that does not contain vitamin C before taking the Miracle Mineral Supplement drops.

2. Do NOT drink caffeine with MMS or take vitamin C.

3. Do NOT mix the MMS and activator with fruit juices that have added vitamin C

4. Do not use vinegar as an activator. This contradicts some early info in the free ebook and may just be specific to those who are taking MMS for candida or systemic yeast. Citric acid or food acids are suggested rather than vinegar in those cases.

5. If you experience nausea, take Vitamin C for relief.

6. Never keep taking MMS or any other supplement if you experience symptoms that you feel are beyond normal detox symptoms.

7. Drink half your weight in ounces of good clean water every day. In other words, divide what you weight and drink that many ounces of water per day. Important times to drink include about an hour before meals and at bedtime, according to the book Your Body's Many Cries for Water, which I recommend.

This is NOT an exhaustive list of tips. It's just a few I've come across or experienced myself. When I took the MMS and then drank coffee, I got extremely nauseated and stayed that way all day.

I didn't know then that foods creating an acid environment, like coffee, would increase the nauseated feeling. I also didn't know that vitamin C neutralizes the MMS and can stop the nausea so I suffered.

Based on my initial experience, I could say that shortterm use of MMS was beneficial for me. As mentioned elsewhere, I experienced noticably deep and restful sleep the first night I took MMS.

In addition, I noticed markedly decreased joint pain the first morning after having taken MMS the night before as well as a healthy change in bowel movements. However, longterm, my body did not support using Miracle Mineral Supplement internally though I continue to use it in topical application. To do this, I just activate a few drops and add a full glass of water, then wet a paper towel and wash over area.

Also of significance, I began to taste metal in my mouth and the taste was definitely coming from the amalgam filling on my left side. It was so unpleasant that I had to spit repeatedly. Was it mercury detoxing? Or perhaps the tooth was infected? Don't know. I do know the location was very interesting.

Health Disclaimer: All health articles in the Ask a Healer Wellness Library are for educational purposes ONLY. Do not depend on articles here to replace needed medical evaluation or treatment. Miracle Mineral Supplement is not recognized by the FDA or FDA-approved for the treatment of any disease or health conditions.