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Dietary changes for the person with herpes


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If you've been diagnosed with herpes simplex virus or shingles, you are definitely not alone. It is estimated that 1 in 4 sexually active adults have the herpes virus. 1 in 3 or estimated to either already have or will develop shingles. Those are sobering statistics. However, there are amazing ways you can support your body in remaining healthy and outbreak-free while science looks for a way to permanently disable the virus strains that cause these afflictions.

Arginine helps HSV outbreaks occur. Lysine helps suppress herpes outbreaks. On the surface, it may sound simple. Avoid arginine, take lots of lysine. However, the body absolutely MUST have a certain amount of arginine to be healthy. The balance between these two aminos is key. You cannot completely eliminate arginine or you will not be healthy. However, you can eat in such a way as to always ensure that there is more lysine present than arginine.

Eliminating breads, grains and pastas are not something everyone can entertain. However, if you can, you will successfully eliminate one of the biggest sources of lysine to arginine imbalance. Breads, grains and pastas (with the exception of those made with arrowroot flour) are ALL high in arginine and lower in lysine.

Chicken has a higher lysine level than arginine so is a good choice for those diagnosed with HIV or shingles. Of course, I'd recommend organic, free range chicken. Other lean meat proteins to consider are fish beef and lamb but with those, there are considerations.

As to consumption of fish, given the Gulf Oil Spill and the still leaking Fukushima plant, choose fish that is tested for radiation residual and heavy metals.

I'm against lamb in principle, given the way lamb is procured. I self-limit the amount of beef I eat and choose organic as much as possible. Methane pollution from cattle is a huge environmental concern. That said, I lean toward organic free-range chicken as the best source of a high lysine low arginine meat.

Peanuts are for elephants
Both because of the propensity for mold and aflatoxins and the very high arginine content, I would recommend that anyone diagnosed with Herpes Simplex Virus or Shingles avoid peanuts and peanut products althogether. Another item to avoid may not be so simple, and that's gelatin. Bone broth and gelatine capsules are both naturally high in arginine.

All nuts and seeds have a higher arginine to lysine ratio so are best eaten in limited amounts. Alternatelty, you can take extra lysine while consuming cashews, almonds or other nuts and seeds.

While coconut meat contains more arginine than lysine, coconut oil does not and unrefined virgin cold-pressed coconut oil contains laracidin which is a natural anti-herpes ingredient.

High Lysine Low Arginine Protein Drinks
A lot of the protein drinks available are naturally higher in arginine than lysine, which may pose a problem for the person diagnosed with HSV or shingles. Fortunately, there have recently been introduced a number of protein drinks that are higher in lysine. A few of these include Protein 17, Promix and Well Wisdom Vital Whey.

Depending on your own personal concerns over quality, you may need to compare the three protein drinks I've mentioned as far as assessing whether they are gmo, whether the cattle are grazed year round and whether the whey is concentrate or isolate. I personally feel concentrate is better.

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Health Disclaimer: The articles on herpes and treatment options for HSV on this website are all educational in nature and intended to replace any needed medical testing, evaluation or treatment. Hopefully, you will choose a doctor who is open to the idea of further supporting the body with natural antivirals and not just suppressing symptoms with Valtrex.