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MMS - What it is and where to find it


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FDA Alert - I cannot advise on using MMS, whatsoever. I share some personal experiences here, that's all. You should know that the The FDA says throw your MMS away, even though the ingredients constitute a perfect good and legal water purification option. Of course, the FDA is not targeting the ingredients as much as the claims made that MMS might help the body heal itself better. That's another post for another day.

I have used MMS. While I would not make the choice, personally, to take MMS in very high doses or longterm, myself and the FDA definitely part ways when the FDA calls it toxic and says don't take MMS at all. Read up online, gather all the infor you can and then, if you are willing to take responsibility for your health, you can make your own decision about MMS. Well, you can make it at least as long as the FDA lets you. This information is included so you may be more fully informed.

MMS, or Master Mineral Supplement (previously known as Miracle Mineral Supplement), is a solution of sodium chlorite that has been activated with citric acid or other activator to create chlorine dioxide, a potent water purifier. I am pleased to recommend Keavy's Corner MMS formulas.

Where to Buy the MMS Ingredients:
You can find MMS water purification kits on ebay but please note that some making the MMS formula for resale are NOT following Jim Humble's instructions so you may not be getting true MMS. Best to buy from approved source. Talk to the company that is offering the product and ask questions about quality and, if you don't hear back from that company, I'd move on to the next one. They should be willing to discuss their product. Here are some that I ask myself:

1. Is the product tested for toxins and heavy metals?
2. Is the citric acid from gmo crops?
3. Is it offered in glass? If plastic, is it a leach free form, HDPE form?

4. Is the formula created exactly by Jim Humble's specifications?

Once you settle on a seller, here are some tips for preventing contamination. If the bottle comes with droppers, you can purchase your own glass bottles and phenolic lids to store liquids long term. Whether you use phenolic lids or store with droppers, it's important to limit contact with the dropper or the lid so always store upright and be sure to squeeze out all liquid from the glass part of the dropper after each use.

How to recognize food grade plastic numbers:
If the numbers on the bottom of a container or bottle represent the grade of plastic, they will have a triangle of arrows around the number. If it's just a plain number, the the numbers represent specific machines in the manufacturing plant. In other words, the number 6 (with no triangle around it) would represent machine number 6. This is to track quality by machine.

Glass and Phenolic are best! In my opinion the glass bottles with phenolic lids and the droppers shipped ala carte are the best possible option for getting MMS that can be kept long term and used when needed. However, during shipment, if the bottles get turned sideways, there is more space where the liquid can come in contact with a non-glass surface so perhas best way is shipped with droppers, with lids included for long term, upright storage after delivery.

More About MMS: Back in the early days, Jim Humble called this activated sodium chlorite Miracle Mineral Supplement because he discovered that MMS is more than a water purifier. The name was later changed to Master Mineral Supplement. Jim Humble has written several books about MMS and he says it is effective against a host of bacteria and parasites and may help the body rid itself of parasites, toxic miasms, bacterial residue, viral residue, etc.

Chlorine Dioxide is not approved by the FDA for such use and no claims are made of such results. The information on how MMS can help the body release toxins and detox is, at this point, very largely ancedotal although Jim Humble himself did quite a bit of documentation on the use of Master Mineral Supplement to treat malaria and other conditions. In addition there has been a double blind clinical study which showed promising results. (1982 -- oddly, that information has been removed from the website) or, if it's still there I can't find it.

The wellness library is about information. A fully informed self-treating individual may want all the available facts and theories around a product. For that reason, I often include controversial viewpoints because they are out there or because they are promoted by powerful entities, such as our Food and Drug Adminstration. I use MMS and plan to continue using it.

Having said that, I will also say that I have concerns about anyone going outside the dosage instructions set by Jim Humble. I also want to let you know that the FDA has issued a strong warning against MMS and I used to provide a link to that information, so that you could be fully informed. However, the link to that announcement is no longer available.

The FDA says MMS contains industrial bleach. Jim Humble holds that chlorine dioxide, what results when the MMS activator and citric acid are mixed, is NOT the same as bleach and is beneficial. Thousands of MMS users share stories that support the position on which Jim Humble's research rests, which is that the effect of giving MMS to thousands of people has resulted in improved health, not deterioration of health.

I've witnessed the FDA shutting down natural remedies continually, while continually passing prescription drugs that damage or kill. They recall those drugs later but in the meantime, so many suffer or die. MMS has been misused, in ways that Jim Humble never approved, as evidenced by some of the forum posts. This is no different and no easier controlled than people abusing prescription drugs. Pharmacists and doctors cannot know what a patient is going to do with a drug after they get it home; how can Jim Humble be held accountable for people taking copious amounts of MMS? By the way, the ones I personally read about who took copius copious amounts still reported almost no ill effects beyond nausea or other detox symptoms that were temporary; I wonder if the same could be said of taking copious amounts of any prescription drug?

Health Disclaimer: MMS is a water purifier, basically. As such, it is a very effective water purifier and would make a fantastic addition to any survival kit or emergency kit you may have at home. Master Mineral Supplement is not presented as any kind of health supplement, medicine or natural remedy. The information here is not intended to replace medical attention, evaluation and treatment.