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My name is Neva Howell and I am the creator of this online wellness library. About 95 percent of all the holistic wellbeing and quantum healing information on this site is by N J Howell, that's me!

From 1993 to around 2009, my life was about being a wellness counselor, energy medicine worker and writer. I have studied natural healing, herbology, nutrition and spiritual healing for decades. My experience includes study and training in one of the more simple and most profound modalities I've come across, which is reflexology. I have also received attuments to Reiki Master level and received a very special training called Cranial Flight.

For about seven years, I worked in a nonprofit spiritual center and had a full-time practice, seeing people for healing work. Out of that rich experience, I created a few tools for those wishing to explore the worlds of vibrational healing. You may enjoy taking the free healing class or studying dream interpretation from a spiritual perspective.

However, the bulk of what I've explored as an etheric alchemist has come from trainings of a shamanic or Spirit Journey nature, what I call direct energy transfers such as one Sacred Initiation that has shaped a lot of the lens through which I view potential realities. Most of the information here is written by myself though I also incorporate good information from other sources on occasion.

Contact Email:
askme at askahealer dot com

Phone: 256 ... 605 ... 1624
I do not answer questions via phone or return marketing calls.

If in the Manchester, Tennessee area I am now offering etheric alchemy sessions. To schedule appointment, please call or email.

What Do You Have to Share? Sharings may include your own personal stories, your path of healing and transformation. I also welcome original articles on any aspect of health and wellness, nutrition and diet, spiritual development and spiritual growth. I don't accept every article submitted to me so please do not take offense if I do not feel the sharings to be in alignment with the overall Ask a Healer Mission.

The online wellness library at Ask A Healer is provided for those who wish to improve their health by addressing congestion, blockage, deficiency and pain in a mind / body / spirit way. There are different levels of information here, provided for different levels of consciousness. This site is always expanding and evolving. Sharings are part of that evolution. If you have something to share, let me know. If you are of a metahphysical / spiritual mindset, you may way to leap over to the Spiritul Articles database now.

While providing research and information that can be useful to those under the care of a medical doctor, the primary purpose of this resource is to provide sharings specifically of help to those who are proactive in their healthcare and open to energy medicine as well as alternative medicine approaches.

Need a petsitter in your green home? I'm available on a very limited basis for responsible housesitting or petsitting. I love sitting for folks who are spiritual conscious and enter with the intent to be vibrationally in alignment with your home and animal friends so that you may enjoy your time away with confidence.