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Ask A Healer Spiritual Dream Interpretation

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Welcome to my diary of spiritual dream interpretations


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Types of Dreams and Dream Meanings:
* ego clean up dreams

* fun and education dreams

* medicine dreams

* violent dreams

* flooding in dreams

Dream interpretation, in my experience, is a highly individual and spiritual process. Most guidebooks are just that, guides to potential dream meanings. Although I may occasionally google the archetypal meaning of a dream symbol, I almost exclusively work with my own dreams within the framework of my own life experience. Dreamtime symbology, as far as I'm concerned, is a very personal thing and the same symbol showing up in two different dreamers, may have entirely different significance. Exploring my personal symbology has worked so well for me that I would encourage anyone to try that approach.

Do I do dream interpretations for others?

No. I occasionally answer questions about dreams but do not do individual dream interpretations because it is just too tedious to attempt that by back and forth email. If you ask a question about your dreams, note that your question and my answer may be posted here on the dream interpretation diary or commented, in the medicine dreams online diary section. All private information removed, of course.

Dreams and what they may mean:
I have worked with my dreams in what I call a "medicine dream way" for many, many years. The messages that emerge from the dream state have provided blessing and spiritual wisdom. My method of dream interpretation is my own and may or may not resonate with you. I created this medicine dreams diary to record my own dreams, and the messages that they give me, on a spiritual level, in the hopes that I can assist others in learning to discern the meaning in their own dreamtime. I have a few general tips for those who might want to pursue this wonderful non-linear way of working in a more conscious way.

Animal Medicine Dream Example:
I recall as a child, that I used to have recurring dreams about snakes. This was long before I consciously remembered anything about reincarnation or about animal medicine, as it has been known to me in other incarnations and now, consciously through study of the animals and other non-human teachers around me. In these dreams of childhood, there were often LOTS of Snakes, most often in a pit. I would be in there with them and unable to get out. In later years, I came to appreciate the "medicine" of those dreams, learning that Snakes in dreams most often represent transformation or, even more important, transmutation. In my young life, there was a lot that needed transmuting. Now, I realize my dreams were helping me with that on levels other than waking consciousness.

Reincarnation Dream Example:
I also remember a particular dream that woke me up with a scream in my throat, and kept me awake in terror for hours afterwards. The nightmare medicine dream involved seeing my Grandmother in a concentration camp of some kind, being tortured to death. It was piercingly vivid and real. She was given the choice of saving herself and her family or saving the masses. If she had given the secret to her torturers, they would have killed many. She held out for the sake of the many and I died as a result. Now, years later and after having remembered several of my own past lives, I understand more of what the dream was integrating for me. I found an even greater sense of respect for my Grandmother and also a deeper understanding of her unbending sternness.

OK, ready to start exploring your dreams as a tool for spiritual development? A great place to start is in the section on how to interpret your dreams

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