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Direct Energy Transfer
What it is; What it May Mean

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What is Direct Energy Transfer? Direct Spiritual Dispensation Experience


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As spiritual beings, we have various ways of learning:

1. We may learn thru study of written or taped material. We read words or listen to words, and use the mental processes to decipher the meaning, and analytically understand what is being taught.

2. We may learn thru practical application and practice. For example, doing mindfulness exercises over and over helps teach us a mindful awareness.

3. We may learn by emulating the behavior of those we recognize as experts in whatever field of knowledge we choose to pursue. We may attend classes and learn by witnessing and emulating those who are adept.

4. We may suddenly know without traditional means of learning. This way of learning includes visions, dreamtime messages, psychic revelations, Angelic Guidance, ceremonial dispensations, etc.

5. We may receive an energetic dispensation that has no words or immediate meaning but which transforms at a cellular level so that awareness and understanding are not the same as before the dispensation. The fifth way of learning, I call direct energy transfer. But what is that, and how does it affect the life of the person receiving it?

What is a direct energy transfer?
A direct energy transfer, or spiritual dispensation, occurs spontaneously and is complete within itself. It is often like a strike of lightening into the center of the life of the person receiving it. It is physical felt in the body and, at the same time, unmistakeably supernatural and beyond the body.

Out with the Old:
A direct baptism of transformative energy will immediately burn away all that hinders spiritual development within whatever area of a person's life the energy relates. The ego may attempt to hold on to the old paradigm. It will no longer be able to do so.

Even if the personality self cannot see what is replacing the old belief system, the old is out of reach on any kind of stable level. It can be maddening because you no longer know what you thought you knew about yourself and, yet, you don't have a new paradigm or self-identification. The reality for me is that a DET begins to shift you away from self-identification altoghether, which can be terrifying to the ego.

DET's in my lifetime have taken a lot away from the little me while, at the same time they have stimulated deeply intense and traumatic lifechange experiences, for the sake of the soul. I'm not sure it's something anyone should actively seek. In my own personal experience, it comes when the timing is right.

DET's have been rare in my own life though the accelerated and transformative energies on the planet now have opened the potential for more of a direct energy connection to various planes and aspects of our Selves. Althought I've had several shamanic experiences and powerful spiritual visions, I have had only a few DET's in my lifetime (times when I was physically and irrevocably zapped by something I knew to be Divine, in situations where I was completely alone or not being touched, prayed for or interacted with by a Shaman or Spiritual Teacher) and none was more powerful than the last.

Touching the Sacred:
The last direct energy transfer I've written about burned my life up, like a funeral pyre, right around end of the year 2000. Nothing remains of the life that was, except the echo of stories about it, here and there, on this website and in my cellular memory of it. Emerging from the ashes of that funeral pyre was a seven-year process for me. In fact, until about midway through 2007, I still felt as if I'd only gotten one hand upraised out of the debris and smoke. That slight shift was enough to let some deep part of me know that I was finally coming out the other side of the experience.

I say all this because, whether you are aware of it or not, some part of your soul is suggesting you might be ready for just such a baptism of the Spirit .... I want the rest of you to know what that might mean. Then again, you may sail thru the experience in an instant or matter of days. These are wonderful times we live in, ripe with potential for instantaneous transformation. If I had a wish for you, it would be that.

As a healer, when I still wore that title and did that work in a hands on way, I became accustomed to reports of bliss, spiritual journeying, and normal detox and restructuring of paradigms in those who came to seek my assistance. I now see that work as preliminary, if necessary, at the time.

I will also state strongly that I believe every one of us who comes thru the fire of spiritual refinement makes the path easier for the next person so I don't expect that people will have to go thru the complete meltdown that I went through. However, by it's very nature, Sacred Initiation changes things and change, to the ego self, is often threatening to the point of terror. In fact, the idea of change and loss of control, no matter how temporary, can be so terrifying to the ego self that Spirit has to tempt us into the experience in a veiled way, with what I call ego bait.

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Spiritual Health Disclaimer: Direct Energy Transfers such as the one I experienced are a potential when working with me. I'm connected to that energy. I believe Spirit directs the path as long as we allow it but I also know we can force things before we are truly ready. I've done it often. So, I would just say that anyone interested in the healing facilitation offered give it serious thought and use clear spiritual discernment in your decisions.