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Is Foot Reflexology Like Reiki?
Ask a Healer About Foot Reflexology

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What is Foot Reflexology? Is Reflexology like Reiki?


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This educational health care article is part of our Reflexology Health Series. The most common question I get about foot reflexology is "Is it massaging the feet?" The answer to that one is no. Running a close second, and for reasons I don't fully understand, I'm often asked if a reflexology session is anything like a Reiki session. Although relaxing, the answer to that question is no as well.

Reflexology is not Reiki and reflexology is not massage. Although Reiki and reflexology are different, a lot of reflexologists are also Reiki healers so the energy of Reiki is often present. I guess that's where people may think they are similar.

As far as massage goes, I can see where people get confused too because a lot of massage therapists are also reflexologists. A little warm up of the feet, similar to massage, happens in a reflexology session, but the bulk of the session is not about massage but specific pressure point reflexing. Beyond the initial warm up of the feet, I find the experience of reflexology to be entirely different than a massage, although both are relaxing and stimulate circulation.

The foot reflexology process is different than a massage of the feet would be. In foot reflexology, there are very specific reflex points for all the organs and each reflex is pressed in on and worked in a full session. The heart, the liver, the spleen, the colon, the lungs, the kidneys, the bladder and other areas of the body are represented in the feet and stimulating the reflex points for a specific organ can help bring more cleansing blood and increased circulation into that area of the body.

One reason it is so easy to confirm the accuracy of foot reflexology is that the reflexes associated with problem areas in the body may show hardness, crystals under the skin or tenderness which may sometimes be quite acute. With any chronic health condition, it is quite common for the reflex governing that area of the body to be very sore. This is one way the reflexologist can determine if there is congestion in any area of the body.

Comparing Two Healing Modalities
Question on health care and spiritual healing with reflexology: I have a few questions about reflexology. Is reflexology connected in any way to Reiki? Is reflexology considered spiritual healing and can you show how God uses this technique to heal?

Besides the feet, directly related to the whole body, is there any other part of the body that can be massaged that will bring healing to the entire body? AND Is the patient hypnotized through reflexology?

Healing facilitation response: As far as I know, there is no connection between foot reflexology and Reiki. However, I find that the two work particularly well together. I usually hold a person's feet for a few minutes and do Reiki or other balancing energy work, which seems to make the session go much smoother and with deeper results. Since Reiki energetically assists with balancing energy and clearing chakras, I would expect it to help pave the way, so to speak, for a deeper reflexology session in most cases.

Is reflexology a healing modality?

Foot Reflexology is not widely considered a spiritual healing tool in the same way that Reiki would be, but it is definitely a balancer for the body and my personal experience, both from giving and receiving many reflexology treatments over the years, is that it is healing on levels beyond the physical. However, even someone with no beliefs in a spiritual healing direction can benefit through the purely physical effects of reflexology, which include increased circulation and relaxation.

Back to the spiritual perspective....There is a connection between what our body manifests and what is out of balance on emotional, mental, and spiritual levels so as the body comes into better balance, many experience more peace. I believe God will work thru any modality, including modern medicine, to help a person heal if that is the way that person chooses to accept the healing.

How reflexology works: Pioneers in the foot reflexology field, most notably Eunice Ingham, determined that there were reflex points in the feet that corresponded in quite a direct way with other areas of the body. By mapping out these reflexes, and working with them over decades and with countless numbers of people, proof of the health benefits from reflexology is consistent for a wide range of conditions including constipation, stress, menstrual problems, blood pressure and more.

Other forms of reflexology

Does reflexology involve hypnosis? A patient is never hypnotised as part of a reflexology session (unless that reflexologist might also be a certified hypnotist and then, I suppose it might be an interesting combination but I've never heard of it) but the experience can be profoundly relaxing.

That's an interesting question because I have had people routinely go into deep, meditative states and they may assume that I'm doing something additional. Really, it is just the result of the remarkable, whole body effect of the reflexology session plus whatever Reiki energy is naturally there as well, by virtue of my being a Reiki Master.

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Health Care Disclaimer: Foot Reflexology is a safe, noninvasive way to stimulate better circuation and the body's natural healing impulses. However, reflexology is not presented as a substitute for medical care, if needed. Any action taken based on the contents found in this or any educational health information on this site at the sole discretion of the reader. Please consult with your chosen healthcare professional on matters relating to your health and well-being.