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What is Cranial Flight?
Etheric Alchemy Experience

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What is Cranial Flight. My sharing of a spiritually transformative experience.


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This is part three of an article about what I call Direct Energy Transfer and it's impact on my life. Introduction: What is a Direct Energy Transfer?

What is Cranial Flight?
It is difficult for me to form a statement about what this specific etheric alchemy modality is because, though I took the class and got tremendous blessing in the demonstration, I can remember little of what was actually said. The entire space felt like plasma most of the day, with shapeshifting occurring often. (Interestingly enough, the class was taped but the tape vaporized after. Would not play). I know there was some of the same language that surrounds other craniosacral therapies .... language about tentorum, cranial fluids, etc. and that there was new language as well, about "being in falx mode" and about flying or feeling as if you were flying.

This entire experience, the class and what happened afterwards, had to do with a sort of energy transmission that allowed for a balancing that went beyond the physical. When the osteopath demonstrated this that he called "Cranial Flight" I had a deeply expansive and delicious for me to experience, and all in less than a minute. That experience, alone, would have been worth the trip. Yet, that experience was not the only reason I was there though it was an integral part of preparing me for the experience I had later. There was a Pipe, a Pipe the ostepath teaching the Cranial Flight class, was stewarding. This was no ordinary Chanupa, I discovered later. This Pipe held Sacred energy information, patterns and activations. Here's what happened ...

How this DET occurred for me:
Myself and a friend traveled to meet with an osteopath to learn something he called Cranial Flight. Prior to this class, we were shown a Pipe. It was unlike any Pipe I'd ever seen in ceremony or shops and I instantly wanted to hold it. My friend, wiser than I in this experience, suggested waiting until after the class. I impatiently agreed. After the Cranial Flight class, which lasted several hours, I again asked to hold the Pipe and the osteopath placed it in my hands. He later said he felt I was meant to hold it.

I do not know the origin of the Pipe, which I call Sacred because of the experience I had with it) but it was thought that it might be several thousand years old. It was certainly unlike any pipe I'd ever seen before, in ceremony or in shops. It was made of jet black stone, carved in the shape of a human skull with a spine going down the back which transformed into the appearance of wings. It looked like a man shapeshifting into a bird except, somehow, it gave the impression that it was both man and bird at the same time.

Something happened when I held this Pipe -- something unexpected and profound happened in that few moments, which has changed my life and awareness forever. Though the direct energy transfer probably only lasted 15 or 20 seconds, it reverberated thru me for hours afterwards and changed everything in my reality. It began the instant I held the Pipe. My entire body began to shake and I began to weep, wail actually, and the tears were not of sadness. They were soul-deep tears of joy. I felt a sense of reunion I can't begin to describe. I felt energy flowing into me from the Pipe and it seemed also to be flowing in from the crown of my head and flowing out my feet, but also flowing in thru the feet. All-encompassing.

At a specific point in the transmission, I suddenly and distinctly smelled a smell so sweet that it made me long for something, I knew not what. My friend and the osteopath both smelled it as well. The heavenly scent was gone as soon as it had been sensed but I know I've never smelled it before on this earth.

As a result of my brief but reality-shifting baptism, I wandered in the wilderness for about seven years. Literally. Everything I loved and held dear was stipped away from me within a year or two of this, and the other experiences I mentioned. I came near to checking out, not by suicide but just by total loss of will to live. I knew this was a gift to be shared, and offered in service, but I was unable to do it. I was immersed in emotions that made it impossible to be in energetic strength for the sake of another.

7 Years Wandering in Soul Wilderness: I was enraged, bitter, depressed, deeply isolated, soul-weary and turning my back on all who still cared about me. It was the most horrible experience of my adult life and I pray I never have to go through that level of ego death again. Yet, I could not have shared my gifts with others in any way other than the old paradigm of service until I walked through all the emotional imbalance that the events of my life had ignited in me. And that's just how long it took, in linear time. Felt like a lot longer to me. But now, I understand how Job felt. When he talks about God restoring the years that the locust hath eaten. It is surely true. And I'm so grateful to have made it through this experience, still here on the earth.

Ironically, I ran into an old friend from before my DET and subsequent meltdown, at a spiritual festival. She came to me with tears in her eyes and said that she thought I was dead. Someone had told her I died. In every way except the physical, I truly did.

The Pipe was intricately connected, both to the osteopath who brought in the Cranial Flight modality and to me so, in some sense, what I learned from him has to inform the rest of it. However, the Cranial Flight experience, and the experience with this Sacred Pipe after that class, are not the only Direct Energy Transfers that inform my reality. There have been several others.

If you have an interest, two others occurred at the SunMoon Dance and after I attended the Star Knowledge Conference. The name I've given the synthesis of these four experience is Etheric Alchemy, mostly because I realize that it is what is in the etheric realm that determines what manifests physically. I do not currently offer Etheric Alchemy as a healing facilitator, though I often provide vibratory support for those who want to remember more of who they are. Nor do I presently pass the attunements or work with others as healing facilitator at the present time.

Spiritual Health Disclaimer: Shamanic Experiences such as the one I had when I held the ancient Pipe and experience the Cranial Flight are life-changing and utterly irreversable. I may never unknow what those two experience taught me. I may only choose to ignore what I know.