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Spiritual Mission Statement for the Wellness Library at Ask a Healer


To understand why I keep adding content to this website, it may be helpful to understand me a little bit. I'm an independent sort, with a very curious intellect. I ponder, I wonder, I explore and I question. I can't seem to help writing about health and wellness subjects because natural healing and alternatives to prescription drugs has been important for me personally, and has been a cause I wanted to herald. The body is equipped to do a great deal toward healing itself if given the right nutritional / remedy support. Prescription drugs tend to focus on stopping symptoms but when we ignore what the symptoms are saying, that there is an underlying core issue, we get more problems later down the road.

I have a loose sort of commitment to learn something new every day. I don't beat myself up if that doesn't happen every single day but I do try to add to what I have explored so far. As I learn something new, it's natural to share it. That being said, I also attempt to offset my time here by making money with google ads and affiliate programs for products and services I believe to be of value to my readers. However, if money were my main motivation, I'd have closed the site long ago (or turned it into a window for prescription drug advertising and sales) because it simply hasn't made enough money to be worth all the time and effort I've spent researching and writing.

In addition to being a born ponderer, I AM also in deep connection with spiritual awakening urges and do about as much spiritual exploration as I do in realms of supplements, herbs and oils. As a child, I had the psychic ability to see illness inside the body. Illness, whether physical, emotional or mental, often looked like a sort of dark syrup inside the body or in the auric field. Because I lacked any framework for knowing what would be helpful in regard to what I saw, this was disturbing to me. Seeing it was not because I did not yet know that seeing such things meant you were crazy.

Because I wanted to be able to use what I could see in some useful way to help others, it became a a primary personal passion in my life to explore the natural healing mechanism of the body so that I might help myself and others to a state of better health. Beyond the way health may be impacted by diet and lifestyle choices such as the sedentary lifestyle, smoking, drinking, etc. I also look deeply and intently at the ways that emotions, fears, stress and other outside forces affect the healing process, and how to best assist the body in maintaining health naturally.

Spiritual Wellness Goals: It is my desire to share the information I am gleaning on my own path of studying spiritual wellness, that is healing from a spiritual perspective. In fact, almost everything I say or do ties into that personal and Sacred passion to learn the wisdom of the body and the soul working together. I discovered something called Human Design a while back and through learning about my profile of Generator 6/3, I realize that I literally decided to come in for the purpose of trial and error learning, to eventually step into a teaching and sharing role with others based on my own trial and error experiences. I'm in that phase of my life now.

This wellness information and spiritual guidance is offered to those who seek healing from physical illness, emotional trauma, toxic thinking or spiritual struggles. I view spiritual awakening, alignment with soul purpose and spiritual awareness as vital to truly healthy living. a view that is explored through articles on the Sacred Journey of Awakening, Divine Aspects of Acceleration and Spiritual Healing.