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ABOUT REIKI THERAPY: This 3-part spiritual wellness article is about: Learning Reiki, Receiving Healing Work, Distant Healing Information and Giving Reiki as a Healer.

What is Reiki? Brought forth by a dedicated spiritual being named Usui, Reiki healing is a form of energetic laying on of hands. Usui was a dedicated and diligent seeker of spiritual truth and Reiki emerged from him asking why no one could heal people the way Jesus did. He was told that the attention had turned from caring for the body to caring for the spiritual aspects and that no one really did that kind of instantaneous miraculous healing that Usui learned about in the bible. This young man set out to find out the secret of miraculous healing. He studies sacred texts in hopes of find the secret and also traveled anywhere, to see anyone he thought might know about this way of healing. His search culminated in a time of isolation from which Usui almost expired. At the end of that long period of meditation, prayer and isolation, Usui was hit by a bolt of energy and he saw the Reiki Symbols of healing.

Of course, there's a lot more to that story, including how Reiki used to be a highly exclusive and expensive training and how it finally came to the United States. There is the story about Usui seeing people who had been healed the week before, back in the streets begging again. He came to the conclusion that Reiki should not be given away, a decision that still causes controversy in healing circles these days.

As for a Reiki session itself, most find the therapy to be soothing, relaxing and illuminating. The healing facilitator's hands are placed in known Reiki positions and healing energy flows that may be felt by the one receiving the energy as well as the Reiki Practitioner who provides the conduit for the transmission. Often, spiritual insight may occur spontaneously in the relaxed field of a Reiki session. During a healing, you might suddenly see why you've been struggling emotionally, might effortlessly see the cause and how to self-balance.

Body Sensations with Reiki:
Some feel heat where the Reiki Healer is touching or even when the healer is holding their hands above the body, not even touching at all. Other sensations might include coldness, tingling, electrical type stinging, lightness, heaviness, a sense of being out of the body or being more in it than you ever have been, etc.

The level of intensity may sometimes reflect internal resistance to some aspect of dealing with unhealed emotions that have contributed to physical discomfort but may also indicate a person who is much more open to energy than most people. A lack of intensity during a session does not mean deep work has not occurred. Some who initially may feel nothing often look back at the time of their session as signaling a transformative point in their lives.

Spiritual Wellness experiences: It is not uncommon for those experiencing reiki therapy to have actual visions or to take a spiritual journey that is transformative. One may see Spirit Guides, orbs of light, colors or Angelic beings. I've been asked before, whether what one sees is real, actually beings that are on another realm, or whether this is the mind's way of making sense of energies. To me, it really doesn't matter. If Spirit Guides actually exist, or whether it is the Higher Aspect of the person suddenly becoming more accessible to the personality self, the impact is positive so I don't have to nail it down to some reality or another.

Emotional Healing with Reiki:
It is also not uncommon for emotional releases to occur during a reiki healing, such as tears, release around fears or anger issues, or other emotional release. Breathing through these temporary releases of emotion during a Reiki session can help the body relax and shift. After such an emotional release, the client typically will feel lighter, as if a weight has been lifted. If there is still a sense of heaviness or stress, it can often indicate that there has been resistance. Resistance can be a very useful tool. It may keep one from healing, yes, but only because all of the being does not feel safe enough to heal. An opening, energetically, even if small and incomplete, will be helpful and full healing will transpire in the best way for the individual, perhaps over the projection of time.

Vibrational Healing methods including Reiki do not require in-person contact, although there is definitely a soothing and safe feeling to in-person sessions that may not feel as strong in a distant healing. However, an energy medicine practitioner can work with people in a distant healing session just as effectively as they could in person and, in cases where an in-person session is not possible, the distant healing alternative is wonderful.

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Spiritual Statement of Intent: Reiki is not a religion and not based on any religious organization. It is a way of accessing the lifeforce energy. Reiki is a natural healing modalitiy and, as such, is not presented as any type of substitute for any needed medical attention. Be wise with your health.