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Taxi Service Lesbos
Getting around Lesvos / Book your own taxi

Why waste your precious holiday time on waiting at the airport, port or anywhere else on our island, if you can move by taxi, which is the easiest, fastest, most frequent and convenient transport for cheap prices!!!

Many people say that first comes paradise and a touch of natures gifts were given to Lesvos, with its unspoilt crisp clear beaches, its beautiful land and rock formations and of course its breathtaking forests and green nature (olive trees etc). Lesvos is an island of relaxation, happiness, pleasure, away from city life and most important a safe environment for children and adults. On Lesvos there are no trams, trains, subways, metro etc... As therefore it always has been a traditional, a common, a general and convenient way to travel on the islands of Greece for tourists and local people. So don't hesitate!

If you decide to visit the lovely Aeolian island of Lesvos and you like to get to your destination of stay in an easy and safe way we advise you to hire a taxi to avoid any other inconviniences. Our prices are more likely the cheapest in all the European Community, as we all know that Greece is still an economical approachable destination of vacation, especially on transportation. Our service is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So the only thing that is left is to inform us on what date and time you want to use our service. For example: being picked up from or to the airport/port of Mitilini (capital of Lesvos), from/to hotels/appartments, from/to touristic attractions, excursions, hospital emergencies etc. The taxi fares remain the same when used by 1 to 4 persons. The taxis are licensed for maximum 4 passengers. Don't hesitate to inform by ringing or mailing us, just to ask for further information of the island and to ask for taxi prices, as there are no obligements or deposits before making use of the service. If you decide to use our service you don't have to worry how we will find you at the airport or port of Mitilini. Me or my driver will hold up an A4 paper with your name and destination mentioned on it.

For your convenience it will be very handy to keep the below mentioned number: 0030 697 220 3663 with you during your holiday, so you can have easier access to the taxi service with one call if you need it.

I myself have been born and raised in Melbourne (Australia) with an experience of 5 years abroad in the taxi business and 8 years on Lesvos. I'm 33 years old, easy going, I speak perfect English, I like to be helpfull, neat and willing to provide my best services to my clients. Personally I'm stationed in the North part of Lesvos, which is the most touristic part of the island. Our legislation and rights are to drive clients to and from airport and port, to the villages of Petra, Molivos, Anaxos, Eftalou, Skoutaros, (Kalloni and Skala Kalloni), excursions and basically to all the villages and places of our island from Petra.

Free extra services accompaning an emergency: for example we can help you with translation and paperwork in case of a hospital emergency or declaration of lost properties at the police station, etc. Paperwork is not an easy task in Greece (stamps, papers, ..., etc.). In most unexpected emergency cases you will get your money back from your insurance company at home, as long as you have a taxi receipt, which we can provide you. Hopefully you will never need this free service which is better for all. Good luck and a nice stay on Lesvos.

You can reach me (Theo) on my mobile: +30 697 220 36 63 (English/Greek language). In case you want to do it in Dutch, English or German, you can reach my fiancee (Astrid) on mobile: +30 693 489 53 38.

Or for longterm reservations, please inform us by e-mail:Send an e-mail or ring us on the above numbers as soon as possible, so we can organise your transfer (at least 4 days before arrival).

Hans Huisman, 2014
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