MUSIC REVIEW BASTARD --- Music reviews of all genres.

MUSIC REVIEW BASTARD --- Music reviews of all genres.

Music Review Bastard Music Review Bastard
The Music Review Bastard is always looking for bands to review. I will review any style of music for the most part and will give an honest opinion. Any cover bands wanting to get a review, please click on the cover bands button below and read the story. To access the music reviews for each band, just click on the logos listed below. If you like the bands, contact them and let them know.

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After Seven fellas Curse Icon Gefilte Fist Demenxia
Double Bind Infused Metal Sniff Nifty McSniffty
Season Of Mourning Se7en Heads Tempus Fugit The Vivisectors
Dawn Of Defiance Black Nova Evil Retrieval Tom Byrne
Mudorcs Chris Kim N Potter XXX Smut

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