After Seven fellas

After Seven. How can I begin to describe the eloquent greatness that this super group acheived? Many artists have tried to accomplish what After Seven created in a mere 2 months in existence. The sonic fury and intensity will never be duplicated by the genius talent that was After Seven.

Sadly, After Seven has disbanded and the world lost five shining stars in a galaxy of lost souls and black holes. However, the music remains and it is a enduring memory in the hearts of all music lovers around the world. One can only hope that the tide that washed After Seven away will one day return them to shore and back into our hearts.

The song, Blitzkrieg Bop (12 Pound Mayonnaise Remix) is truly a masterpiece and if Joey Ramone were still around today, he would be overcome with joy and a sense of wonder would be bestowed on him by the way the After Seven fellas honored him and his group by their rousing interpretation of their classic hit. The twin guitar attack is stunning, the bass is staggering, the drums are outstanding and the singing is the best that you will ever hear. I cannot say enough about this band, so download the track, amaze your friends and let the world be captivated by the sheer sonic pleasure that is AFTER SEVEN!

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