Infused - Don't Shoot Anymore

The quality of the song isn't the greatest but it's a live-recorded song. It was recorded at a bar with really bad acoustics. The singing isn't my favorite but the rest of the song is very good. I can't really put my finger on what I don't like about the singing but don't let that stop you from giving the band a listen. The song may sound rough because of the recording, but it is a good song that is catchy and memorable so give it a few listens and you will see what I mean. The guitar work is nice with an acoustic and a electric going at the same time. They mix very well together. The band seems to be comfortable with each others playing and they all seem to be on the same page. No one player outshines another. It is a group effort and they all put in their fills and riffs to make a memorable tune. I know that if this song gets recorded in the studio it will sound even better.

Give them a listen if you like rock with a little blues feel mixed in. The band cites the following artists as influences, to mention a few:

Red Hot Chili Peppers, Alice In Chains, Pink Floyd, Miles Davis, The Cure, Fleetwood Mac and Monster Magnet.

That is quite a diverse mix of bands there and a diverse mix of that in their songs would be nice. I will look forward to hearing some studio work from these guys, as I believe I will enjoy them more with a more polished sound. Visit their website by clicking here:


Infused - Within

I now have a chance to review some studio work from Infused. Within is a new demo song from Infused that has a nice heavy/acoustic sound. There are an acoustic and an electric guitar going at the same time and it mixes well. The mixing of the clean and distorted song is done very well. Usually bands try to mix heavy guitars with acoustic guitars and it never works, but this mix is done perfectly and it sounds tremendous.

Within is a mid tempo song that has a good atmospheric sound to it. The solo at the end of the song is excellent. Rod Skelley, the lead guitarist shows his technique and ability during the last minute and a half or so. It's a haunting solo with energy and a great feel. It's a great way to end out the song. Overall, the song has a kind of dark and haunting sound that is really cool.

I enjoy the vocals better in this song than their previous efforts and he does a good job. The whole band sounds like they spent time practicing these songs before going into the studio. It does not sound sloppy or forced at all. This song would sound really good in a live environment and if you have a chance to see Infused play live, I would recommend it. I have not seen them play live but if Iím ever in their neck of the woods and they are playing I will see them for sure. You can check out tour dates on their website which is very informative. If you want to hear a great alternative band with talent and are tired of hearing the crap that is on the radio, please give Infused a listen, they are well worth it.

Click on the logo above or the hyperlink below to visit the Infused website for more information and other songs to download.