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Nifty McSniffty is a crust-core, grinding jazz band that has on rare occasions, miniscule hints of talent. They are a side project of the super group, Metal Sniff. Nifty McSniffty is similar in style to Metal Sniff, Anthony D*, Dave, Sesame Street, Happy Flowers, Ray Koob, Boredoms, Naked City, Napalm Death, Blue Scrubbie, A.C., Loyd Hampson, Tim Strosser, Hard Corps, Mark and Phil.

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There are five songs available for download here, "The Pizza Song", "Loyd Hampson In The Forest From Beyond The Realms Of Tschingsch!", "Doing WELL", "Doing WELL (Techno Sniff 12 Pound Mayo Remix)" and "A Capella Fellas"

The Pizza Song was originally recorded by Alex Ray ( This is an updated version that is heavy on the cheese and light on the talent. Recorded on a Tascam with help by drummer, Roland, this song demonstrates the musical stylings and prowness that is Nifty McSniffty!

Loyd Hampson In The Forest From Beyond The Realms Of Tschingsch! was inspired by such extreme black metal bands such as Dark Throne, Emperor, Gonkulator, Acoustic Alchemy, Dimmu Borgir and Kathie Lee Gifford. Let yourself be engulfed by the terror of the darkened tombs of Hampson...A fitting tribute to the great Loyd Hampson of WHLU Toxic Radio fame. Played in the crappy black metal style with horrible production and ambience. True black metal fans will rejoice in the painful torment of mumbled screams and distorted guitars beyond any recognizable comprehension. This is true evil in it's darkest form (if you like your evil to be poorly recorded noise, that is!).

Doing WELL is a new McSniffty track. This song is inspired by a certain condiment and it represents the Mayonnaise-core genre fairly WELL, so keep that in mind when listening to it. This track will be remembered as an innovative addition to the underground condiment scene and it will put to shame any fake artists trying to add to the ever growing condiment revolution.

Doing WELL (Techno Sniff 12 Pound Mayo Remix) is a remix of the Doing Well track. This will mark the arrival of the techno-condiment scence. Who knew that eggs and oil could be turned into such a revolution in the condiment industry? You will never look at mayonnaise the same again after listenting to this track. This will surely be all the rage in the clubs that play techno, condiment-core, mayonnaise-core, and hard core underground sauce-core music.

A Capella fellas is another McSniffty jam. It brings back the sounds of the day (back in the). This is a very impressive song and could start a new trend in music, the barbercrap quartet sound.

To download these songs, hover your mouse over the song title and then right click your mouse and select "Save Target As..." then figure out the rest yourself, genius!



Doing WELL

Doing WELL (Techno Sniff 12 Pound Mayo Remix)