Curse Icon

Curse Icon - Falling Away

Curse Icon is a band from Palm Beach Florida that plays alternative/grunge/new wave and industrial style music. Most bands that use so many musical styles as the description for their sound usually don't deliver, but Curse Icon does indeed create songs that include all of the above-mentioned elements and they do it very well.

They are melodic and at the same time they have a good heavy guitar sound. The song Falling Away is a good representative of the band's style of music. It is catchy with a strong riff and quality production and great musicianship. It is a very memorable song and it is enjoyable to listen to.

The singer is Kiana and she has an excellent voice. She is a pleasure to listen to and it mixes well with the music. The group however isn't one of those groups with a female singer that seem to be the only good thing about the band. Every musician in the band is excellent and they sound good together, plus the quality of the songs available on their website are tremendous. I applaud them for taking the time to put up some music that is high quality. I highly recommend this band. For more information please visit the Curse Icon website.