The Vivisectors - Russian Psychosurf!

The Vivisectors - Russki Psycho

The Vivisectors are a garage psychosurf band from the deep Russian underground. They play an instrumental surf style of music which brings to mind monster waves of California and Hawaii. I am not familiar with much surf music outside of Dick Dale and to a lesser degree the Red Elveses but The Vivisectors in my mind, represent the genre very well. The Vivisectors are a guitar heavy surf band (is there any other kind?) that sound fantastic. The song Russki Psycho has a good beat to it and the quality of the song is mixed well. I can imagine hearing this song on a 60's TV show with everyone surfing and getting down to the far out tunes man! This song will help you get swinging and will make you feel the groove!

I joke about the 60's but if you would seriously like to check out a great band who make memorable music, check out The Vivisectors. They make me want to listen to more surf bands and expand my knowledge of the genre. I don't know how many surf bands there are in Russia, and if there is a scene for that style of music there. I didn't know what to expect from a band from Russia who play surf music. It seemed to me like a strange combination but after listening to them they seem like they could seamlessly blend into the California music scene with their playing style.