Gas Huffer History

Gas Huffer History

Before Gas Huffer Tom was in Cat Butt, the U-Men then The Kings of Rock with Don and Psychopop who later became PopDefect.
Joe was in Aerobic Death
Matt sang in Body Bag(?), and the Holy Ghost People and played guitar for The Cretins when he lived in Walla Walla. The Holy Ghost people were formed in 86 or 87 and had opening gigs for Soungarden and The Walkabouts.

From what I understand, Tom started the band. Tom had meet Matt from when the Holy Ghost People opened up for The U-Men. So one day Tom called everyone up and asked if they wanted to be in a band. Matt moved to Seattle from Walla Walla, where he was going to college, to start practicing. They clicked right away and started writing songs. Their first release was a single called Firebug. Next they released the Ethyl EP. Both of these were realased on Black Label Records.

They signed to a local Seattle Label, Empty. Then they released first full length album, Janitors of Tomorrow. The album was produced by Jack Endino and recorded at Reciprocal Studios. This and the rest of the LP's came with a really neat comic book and if you read closely you'll notice the lyrics to the songs are the words in the comics.

In 91' the band went on a US tour w/ Mudhoney. Their next full length release was Integrity Technology and Service. It was recorded at Word of Mouth in Fall of 1992. Produced and Engineered by Jack Endino. The art direction on the album was done by Don and the photos were by the great Seattle photographer Charles Peterson. After that album they were signed to Epitaph for a 3 album contract.

Their first release on Epitaph was, One Inch Masters. It was recorded by Kurt Bloch of The Fastbacks, at Egg Studios. Art direction was done by Joe "The Newt" Newton, and the photos were again taken by Charles Peterson.

Then they did a split single with Red Aunts. Its a really nifty picture disc, where one side is Gas Huffer in drag with girly names like:

Tomicina Price-vocals
Matilda Wright-drums
Donna Blackstone-guitar
Josaphene Newton-bass
On the other side the Red Aunts cover Hotcakes.

After that they put out The Inhuman Ordeal of Special Agent Gas Huffer. It was also recorded by Kurt Bloch, and the photography was by Charles Peterson. This time Matt was in charge of the art direction.

Just Beautiful Music was released two years later. This album was produced by Phil Ek at AVAST! Recording. The layout was done by "Tom and Pepe". Mark Arm of Mudhoney is a guest musician playing the Synthesizer. This was their 3rd album on Epitaph and no one on either side seemed interested in continuing there so Gas Huffer is currently label-less. Their stint on Epitah did however get them on a popular label compilation called "Punk-O-Rama" which has got the band a good deal of recognition.

Side Projects
Tom was in the second line up of Bottle of Smoke but left when his baby was born in July of 2000.

One of Tom's sideprojects is a band called Monkeywrench with Steve and Mark from Mudhoney. Tom is also in a band called New Strychnines, which is a Sonics coverband w/ members Steve, Mark and Dan from Mudhoney, Bill Hendersen of Girl Trouble, and Scott McCaughey of The Young Fresh Fellows.

The band together has a side project called Del Lagunas, they are an instrumental surf band, with Matt playing rhythm guitar.

Don was also in Hai Karate. He left the band about a year ago. They have one album out on Mans Ruin and its really keen.

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