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The hero can transform any target material into a gem-like material that possesses Power rank material strength. Crystallization occurs because the hero has the ability to shape the molecular bonds of normally amorphous matter into a crystal matrix of great strength. The Crystallization can occur at any site within the hero's line of sight and range; distances are determined by the Power rank. The newlyformed Crystal is initially stationary; it cannot be launched like a missile (unless the hero possesses Missile Creation, but I'm getting ahead of myself). It can be formed in such a position that gravity immediately affects it.

Crystallization automatically affects non-living, unprotected, stationary targets. Moving targets require the hero to make an Agility FEAT in order to hit the target. If Crystallization is used as an attack against a living target, it can be resisted by the usual methods. Methods of protecting a target from being Crystallized include Force Field vs. Energy Attack, Resistance to Energy Attack, True Invulnerability, and various Magics and Power Controls.
Crystal can be formed in any shape the hero desires. The amount of Crystal the hero can create in a single turn is the number of square feet equal to the Power rank number. The material to be transformed into Crystal is drawn from particles in the air or from the target itself. Solid targets can themselves be Crystallized. If the Power is used on a living target, innate safeguards incorporated into the Power place the target into a semi-state of Suspended Animation; all life functions temporarily cease but the target remains aware of its condition and surroundings. A Crystallized lifeform must remain intact if the process is to be reversed. If the Crystallized lifeform is shattered, the transformation is permanent.

Note: the shards of a shattered, Crystallized lifeform all possess some of the victim's lifeforce; the percentage of the victim's Psyche possessed by a particular shard is equal to the percentage of the original body represented by the shard. Such shards can be used to create powerful Magic. Such shards can also lead to later Plot Complications. ("You don't understand. The gem in the necklace I gave Helen was part of Leviathan!")

Normally Crystallization is only temporary. The duration of a given Crystal is the number of minutes equal to the Power rank number. At the expiration of this time, the Crystal reverts back to its original material. If the Crystallization was directed in the air the original material was probably dust particles. As mentioned earlier, if the Crystallization was used to transform a living target and that Crystal was subsequently shattered, the transformation is made permanent. (This rule is purposefully intended to spare the Judge and players from dealing with the hamburger that would be created if the formerly living target did revert to its original state.) For game purposes, the category of "living target" can be expanded by the Judge to encompass any of the Physical Types for player characters and NPCs.

The Power can be combined with other Powers listed in this site. As mentioned before, Missiles can give the Crystals momentum and range. Weapons Creation can specialize in crystalline instruments of destruction. Body Armor or Body Coating can be a suit of flexible crystalline armor that gives Power rank Resistance to physical or energy attacks. Vision-based Detection Powers can be achieved by the hero spontaneously forming optical devices and lenses of crystal. If the hero has an exotic Physical Type, perhaps he can himself be composed of living crystal. Such categories include Modified Humans, Cyborgs, Robots, Abnormal Chemistry, Mineral, Compound, and Changeling.

Optional Powers include Weapons Creation (limited to Crystal weapons only), Collection, Matter Animation, Missile Creation, and Spray.

Nemeses include Force Field vs. Energy Attack, Force Field vs. Physical Attack, Resistance to Energy, Resistance to Physical Attack, and Disintegration.

Range: Column A.