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True Invulnerability

This is a combination of Resistances and Body Armor. The hero is immune to any physical harm, up to his rank's limit. The immunity includes the following resistances: fire, heat, cold, electricity, radiation, corrosives, disease, poison, brute force, sonics, and kinetic bolts. The rank of the Invulnerability reduces the rank of the attack form.

Example: A Mandroid's Ex(20) laser would do only Gd(10) damage against Gd(10) Invulnerability, and none at all against Ex(20) or higher Invulnerability.

The hero with this Power is still vulnerable to magical and mental attacks. If the hero should lose his True Invulnerability, his Fighting rank drops to Ty(6) (he's not used to avoiding blows).

The hero's appearance is not affected by this power; he appears to be a normal member of his race.

Range: None.