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Body Armor

The hero possesses artificially-created armor that provides protection and possibly a way of possessing other Powers.

Armor comes in many forms exotic plate-mail, nuclear-powered exoskeletons, or mechanically-created force fields. The player should work with the Judge to create proper Armor for his hero. The player can also determine which Powers are possessed by the hero and which are properties of the armor. Powers built into the armor can later be modified and enhanced; think of the changes Tony Stark has made in the Iron Man armor. On the other hand, Powers that are built into the armor may suffer mechanical failure. The Armor's Power rank determines its ability to resist damage.

The player also has to determine where he got the Armor in the first place. This is covered in the "Character Creation" section elsewhere in this site. If the hero gained the armor through an accident, he might not be able to repair it.

Note: See Cyborg Exoskeleton for more details about the use of this power.