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The hero can cause any desired material to collect in a specific location. This material must already be present and diffused throughout the hero's vicinity, whether in the air, water, soil, or scattered across the ground. The Collection area has a range radius determined by the Power rank. For example, an In(40) rank can collect material from as far as 25 miles away. Collected material instantly teleports to the designated Collection site. The site must be in line of sight of the hero and within his Power's range. The hero can Collect per turn a maximum amount of material measured in the number of pounds equal to the Power rank number. This assumes, of course, that enough material exists within the vicinity in order to be Collected. Any material of any nature can be Collected. There is a partial exemption to this rule in regards to living beings. The Power can only Collect living beings whose weight is within the weight limits for the Power; if the beings weighs more, the Power can not affect them aside from a brief tug. If the Power is used to Collect the bodily products of living beings, player and Judges are to assume that so little is drawn from each being that no harm results. For example, a character could Collect a mass of blood without having to worry that he bled some stranger to death.

The Power does not after the state of any matter either before or after Collection. The desired matter must be in the basic chemical formulation desired. Desired materials that are in some altered state are not affected by the Power. For example, trying to Collect steel in a junkyard full of rust will lead to naught. The exception is if the desired material is in either a state of solution or suspension, since neither actually affects the chemical nature of the material.

For example, imagine your hero is standing at the seaside and practicing his Power. He cannot Collect the hydrogen bound into the water but he could Collect salt, gold, or anything else dissolved into seawater. Collecting salt is easy; a Rm Power can Collect a man-sized pile within a minute's time. Gold is harder; each cubic mile of seawater contains only a few ounces of gold.

Due to some unexplained limitation to this Power, it cannot randomly Collect foreign materials found within the bodies of anyone within the Power's range. Common foreign materials include tooth fillings, prostheses, sutures, and drugs. If the hero must Collect such materials from a body. For example if he knows arsenic has been swallowed by someone, the conditions increase in difficulty. The hero must be in contact with the source of the desired material and the hero must make a red FEAT to withdraw the material without harming the donor. Failure to do so means the material is still locked within the target's body.

Ethereal and Phasing matter can be Collected. They just can't be held for any length of time without consciously and repeatedly using the Power to return such matter to the Collection site.

This Power is most commonly linked to the Matter Control and Conversion Powers as a way to gather sufficient raw material to permit the other Powers to function. These are listed as Optional Powers. Even if used by itself, this Power can be used effectively. Matter can be Collected to form a protective shield or to entrap a foe in a suddenly appearing pile of debris. Dirt or water can be Collected to smother a fire or dampen escaping radiation. The hero is free to develop various Power Stunts using suddenly materialized matter.

The complexity of the material to be collected determines what Intensity FEAT is required. Raw, amorphous materials can be collected in a dusty pile by a green FEAT. Common examples include metals, dirt, and water. Formed or complex material requires a yellow FEAT to collect in recognizable form. Examples include bricks, edibles, and comic books. Biological material requires a red FEAT, whether the hero is trying to collect bile or hamsters.

Optional Powers include Crystallization, Matter Animation, Micro Environment, Molding, Weather Control, Combustion, Elemental Conversion, and Molecular Conversion.

The Nemesis is Matter Animation.

Range: Column C.