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Abnormal Chemistry

Abnormal Chemistry The body is apparently normal but possesses a different chemical base than that of Normal Humans. A key element in the body's chemical makeup is replaced by another element. The most common abnormalities are silicon replacing carbon, copper replacing iron, and cobalt replacing iron.

Silicon-based life has a body temperature 40o lower than similar carbon-based life.

Copper produces green blood. Cobalt produces blue blood.

In all these cases, acquiring food that fits the hero's metabolic needs is a problem. If the abnormal lacks a food supply, he'll have to seek one out. A lab of Rm cost can synthesize the necessary foodstuffs. For game purposes, assume the hero already possesses a steady food supply.

Because of the different body chemistries, abnormals cannot donate blood or body tissues for transfusion into Normal Humans. Likewise, anything foolish enough to try to feed on the abnormal, like a lion or a Bio-Vampire, takes Gd(10) damage as it tries to digest what, to its system, is poison.

Abnormals cannot interbreed easily with Normal Humans, even when their bodies are virtually identical. A hospital with In(40) facilities is needed to alter the would-be parent's genetic material to a compatible type.
Endurance: +1CS
Abnormals roll their Ability Ranks on Column 2 of the Random Ranks Table.