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Mineral Body

Mineral FormThe body is composed of solid materials that normally do not sustain life. In fact, the body might not even have anything remotely resembling internal organs. In such cases, an internal examination would only reveal homogenous matter.

The body can be of any single element or compound or a mixture of anything the player can think of. Examples of Mineral Life include golems and Warlock (of the New Mutants).

Because Mineral Life is simpler, it is easier to feed and maintain. If food is needed, the Mineral Life can digest raw matter of its composition. Wounds can be bandaged by applications of the same matter as well. ("But Doctor, I'm not a bricklayer!")

Movement rate is decreased -1CS.
Health: Initial Health is doubled.
Resistance to Toxins and Disease: Mineral Life is immune to all Poisons and Diseases that harm Normal Humans.
Weakness: Exotic poisons and diseases that do only Fb(2) damage to Normal Humans do harm to Mineral Life.

Mineral Life is vulnerable to attacks with special effects on the body materials. For example, an iron golem is prone to rust.
Minerals roll their Abilities on Column 2 of the Random Ranks Table.